On a Loosing Spree

7:51 PM

No the contest freak zooni isnt loosing every other contest she plays. Actually I don’t even have time to play contests these days and I already blogged about winning two contests on indiblogger in my post here.
What iam actually loosing are some very precious things. It all started with me loosing my debit card , I discovered of my loss when I wanted to shop on Yebhi at their super fabulous clearance sale. It was all a Huge mess, I spent hours deciding what to buy and then BAM. No Card so No Shopping Sad smile.  But well forget the shopping what is more important is the Card, I searched every nook and corner of my house, refusing to believe I lost it. Iam not the careless types, I rarely loose things and Loosing My card was an alien concept so searched and prayed and searched more .
When I finally Decided I will have to apply for a new card I found my card safe and sound resting in My sisters’ wallet. How Cool? While shopping together on commercial street I gave her my card in a hurry and forgot about it and Madam also did not remember!
And what did I loose now? My phone charger and Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. I am praying I discover these in some corner at my home, for now charging phone on laptop and welcoming Chapped Lips. ! Baby Lips Where Art Thou?
Loosing things is such a nightmare, what say?

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