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I wasn’t a cricket gal, it was a lame long game for me, but it all changed during the 2007 worldcup , a final which India lost. During this time the nation became cricket crazy everyone around me was hooked and and booked to Television sets cheering for Team Indian and the Blue wave had to hit me , and hit me hard mind you! I became a cricket keeda, never missed ODIs and kept track of Test matches too partly because back then I was in school and had ample time :D
Crazy things id do to watch cricket:
India v/s pakistan Tour: Soon after the world cup ,India was to tour Pakistan and it was gala heaven, I was excited to watch the arch rivals battle it out after so long but sadly for me this tour coincided with my final exams . Final exams  back then in middle class families meant cable black out by parents, how exciting is that? ! Damn. 
“Final exams come once in a year” mom said  “these cricket matches happen everyday. “
It is India V/S Pakistan ,they don’t happen every day ! I wanted to Shout but I kept calm because one I was one of the topers of class and I knew doing well in exams and not deviating from my goals of securing 1st rank was important and second I had to find a way out and shouting and bad mouthing BCCI for scheduling such an important series in March-April was not going to help .
I decided I was not going to miss cricket, and for this I started planning, vigorous planning mind you. I made a time table and completed my portions before hand covered all subjects in advance, this left my parents in Shock, a girl who did night marathons was actually preparing for exams all by herself without us having to nag her Smile with tongue out. Cricket ke liye kuch bhi karegi ye ladki Smile
India V/s South Africa Tour: I remember long time back india toured south africa and due to time zone difference test day ended around 4 AM IST, and I was so crazy even of test matches in those days it was pain trying to watch cricket sneaking into living room after parents had slept on low cvolume. But I did it all , I even got caught once and then I was banned from entering living room after 10 PM.I was so curious to know the score that as soon as I got up I used to use dads mobile and get the days final score card via sms ( GPRS n wifi was rarity back then). How I wish existed thenSad smile 
How helps me follow my passion for cricket:
These days I enjoy cricket on twitter, the witty tweets is way better than boring commentary on TV or radio and so is like a boon to me. IPL is the time I get to spam my timeline to my hearts content, improve my tweet count and find some new crazy cricket fanatic friends and With IL just dint get better it got merrier, the culmination of my craze for twitter and passion for cricket was never this exciting.
Earlier I sat with laptop in front of TV sets as I live Tweeted (or rather spammed Smile with tongue out) the match away . But now my laptop in the comfort of my bedroom is all I need to enjoy the IPL mania on twitter. I don’t even have to have that long tiresome fight for remotes with mom now thank you . Live tweeting a match now is such a breeze.
FAST SCOREBOARD : This is such a boon, even though iam not watching the match I am first to tweet scores for my friend. Infact many of my twitter friends tell me I update scores faster than cricket portals on twitter.
DEFERRED LIVE : I love this deferred live wala feature. Since I have  crappy broadband speeds I watch onlywhen I know something interesting is happening on field ..  I anyway enjoy witty live tweets more than watching cricket . So deferred live means all the boring moments are not streamed at all!
ZIP CLIPS : With so many matches to catch up on Zip Clip feature comes in handy, for all the games that don’t involve my home team I watch a quick Zip clip.
INFOGRAFIX : This is a fab feature by, it gives me quality content to tweet and make the match fun for me and my twrnds.
So, All you twitter crazy cricket fanatics a better way to live spam during matches is here … is so for us.!
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