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Kudi Saturday Saturday
Kudi Saturday Saturday

Hanji fir ek baar dekho aaya shanivaar
Party Shopping  karne ke liye baby ji ho gayi taiyyar

(from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania)

Most Saturdays for me mean Super shopping! This is one such Saturday I have penned down over here Smile

I woke up excited  on a bright afternoon after sleeping to my hearts content. It was great to sleep as long as you want without alarms buzzing around , Saturdays are awesomeness and making this day more awesome was my plan to go shopping with friends . I quickly got ready and headed out to reach my destination where my friends waited for me.

Commercial street, also Bangalore's shopping paradise was crowded as expected on saturday evening as the weather turned gloomy and sun started playing hide and seek. Not a good sign when you have planned for street shopping ! The positives though  a major chunk or my shopping was already done and my tongue craved for some fun even as my feet wanted rest.

My gang of girls drifted of to the lanes of commercial street to street shop for some neon accessories quickly before it started to pour. There I spotted a vendor serving yummy colourful plates, Bhel Puri. Can a girl ever resist? Healthy eating be damned !

We walked to the Bhel puri wala and ordered for ourselves. While the boy made us our own plates we stood there waiting. A lady who had ordered before us started biting into her mix and Boy oh boy just the sight of this Bhel puri was enough to set my already craving taste buds tingling . To say this delightful assortment  was mouth watering would be an understatement.  Waiting is such a spiteful job. 

The Bhel Puri wala finally gave us our own plates and what a colourful spread this was. Just like a colourful painting coming alive this plate of bhel had some reds (tomatoes) ,some greens (cucumber, coriander), some whites (puffed rice), some pinks (onion), some yellow (sev), and some browns too (papdi). One spoon of this tangy-sweet mix and I was transferred to a different world forgetting all the pain my feet were in .  What makes this whole bhel puri thing click is its tamrind-lime chutney topping , Yumminess overload.  No one can have just One .. No idea about Lays but this slogan is surely true for Bhel puri!

The Bhel Puri was a spicy affair, while I had 2 plates of it my friend who isnt used to so much spice had her eyes watering and we headed off to the nearby gola wala to cool our mouths.  The yummy kala khatta gola sprinkled with some masala was delight as I slurrped into a mass of brown ice even as cool breeze blew my hair.   Sucking is the true beauty of a gola, we sucked and sucked in some more and when the kala khatta syrup was over we asked the gola to give us a little more and he obliged! Super fun day this what lipsticks vanishing and gola colouring my lips and tounge.

Shopping isnt just about bargaining and finding fabulous picks it is also about the food to accommodate the calories burnt Winking smile.

Street food is very tasty and economical at the same time. But what if the same delicious stuff is served in expensive stylish glassware? It would look posh and even more fabulous making it easy for me to pay more just for beautiful food! Beautifying foos that is what Borosil does.

For mixing bhel I would choose this Borosil mixing bowl

for serving the bhel puri I would choose this plate set

For the gola serving I would choose this swirl glass

This post is an entry for the My Beautiful Food contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Borosil

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