Letters to my hair.. TRESemme Split Remedy Range review

10:53 PM

I am cursed blessed with dry,long, wavy hair which are prone to split ends. Like every girl, my hair are an essential part of me and I share a deep bond with them. When I am not tweeting or blogging, you can find me playing with my hair and taking care of them. I had been on a trip to my home town, Lucknow , the land of Hard Water which left my hair in a real bad condition and I had to spend extra time with my hair, consoling them and assuring them that ‘everything’s gonna be alright!’
I love my hair long and shiny but the regular sprouting of split-ends makes it impossible for me to grow them as long as my heart desires.
It pained to learn that even in this era of development there was no answer to split-ends except for a hair trim, but from the day I used TRESemme’s new range, life has changed for both me and my hair! Smile
Here, I am sharing some letters to my hair:
split new
Those were the letters I had written to my hair. I am so glad to have come across this awesome range by TRESemme! It Really does ‘Magic’ and seals my hair cuticles. I mean for the price range they give fabulous results. TRESemme’s claim of reducing and repairing upto 96 percent of the split ends in just 3 washes may not be completely true but this shampoo does work in controlling split ends if you use it after a hair cut. For best results I suggest you use both the shampoo and conditioner .

“I swing my hair back and forth,

Twisting and turning South and North

They are so long, shiny and strong,

It’s TRESemme’s magic all along!

Goodbye damage I bid you adieu,

I have got hair split-end free and new!”

So, if you too have split ends, you know what to do now-go grab TRESemme’s new range asap!


Stay beautiful and split end free,


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