Monsoon Cravings: Masala Chai

8:52 PM

It maybe burning hot in most parts of india these days but in my city, the wowsome Bangalore , it is cool , calm and breezy.

The weather is so awesome and romantic here, pouring occasionally in the evenings. When it is raining don’t we all crave something hot like a coffee or tea? Not to forget those spicy spinach pakodas, vada pavs, roasted corns . At my place, when it is raining It is time for mom ka special masala chai  .

Today it started drizzling and I craved for a cup of masala chai bady but bad news, mom wasn’t home!  So, well I thought of making a cup of tea myself .

Entering the kitchen I pulled my open hair into a quick messy bun, opened my refrigerator which smelled heavily of mangoes and grabbed some ginger , peeled and crushed it.  Next I put a saucepan with a cup of water on the burning stove . I tracked down the spice mix box pretty easily on the top shelf and opened it to inhale a heady spicy scent, Indian spices had their own distinct aroma. I popped some pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon into the burning water . I knew I was forgetting something, oh yes the crushed ginger! It still lay on the counter top waiting to be added to the saucepan, quickly I added ginger to the pan which already gave away delicate scent of warm spices. When the water came to a fragrant boil I added a cup of milk and tablespoon each of sugar and tea leaves to the aromatic brown mix and set it to boil again. After boiling and simmering twice the masala chai was finally ready .

Heavenly spicy aroma reached my nose as I poured the tea into a cup through sieve and walked into my dining room. The drizzle had now been transformed into heavy rain . Perfect weather to drink in a warm cozy cup of Masala chai .

As I drank in the delicious creamy warmth in Borosil Classic tea cup  I knew one thing for sure Starbucks can be fabulous, exquisite and all that but I can make a better chai at a cheaper price and serving it in a Borosil  art piece means taste bhi, style bhi! Smile with tongue out

This post is an entry for the My Beautiful Food contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Borosil

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