Monsoon Cravings: Pakodas

10:49 AM

Zooni rushed home drenched in rain, she flung aside her dripping black and white polka dotted umbrella and searched urgently into her expensive hidesign bag for for keys. After about thirty seconds of frantic hunting zooni finally found them and jammed them into the key hole entering the warmth of her house and got out of her wet clothes in a jiffy .

It rained almost everyday these days so zooni carried an umbrella daily but it wasn’t raining today it was actually pouring , cats, dogs,rats and what not! Even the umbrella wasn’t wasn’t able to  keep zooni dry today but that wasn’t what zooni was worried about, she was actually worried about her now rumbling stomach. She had decided she would have some snacks at the nearby restaurant but the stormy rain had derailed all her plans and she had headed straight home .

Zooni craved for something hot  and spicy and walking out in rain to fulfil this craving was out of question since the rain only grew heavier by every minute . Zooni thought of making herself a bowl of maggie but alas luck wasn’t by her side as she realized that she had used up the last packet of maggie just last night.

As zooni searched the kitchen cupboards for something to eat her eyes fell on cremy yellow coloured packet, gram flour !   Pakodas yes that was what zooni was going to make for herself. 

Zooni detested cutting onions, the purple pink balls made her eyes watery making her look like a K-Ekta daily soap bahu replica but the imaginary aroma of cooked pakodas wafted to zooni’s nostril and she resumed chopping with renewed vigour at a brisk speed . Zooni then mixed these chopped onions and other ingredients namely gram flour, fridge fresh coriander, salt and baking powder in her borosil mixing bowl . Green chillies were not available in zooni’s kitchen but that dint dampen zoonis pakoda making spirit, she added half table spoon of hot red chillie powder as an alternative and mixed some more. The reddish yellow dough already smelling like heavean was now ready.

Next zooni heated olive oil in a kadai and began the sweaty process of frying . Zooni very carefully added small shapeless lumps of batter into hot oil and fried until they transformed into crisp, crunchy golden brown pakodas. The spicy aroma of pakodas swarmed to zooni’s nasal chord and tingled her taste buds making her mouth water.

Zooni removed the crispy pakodas from oil and put them in a borosil plate while she was reminded of her mom who used to serve hot pakodas like these with her special khatta meetha brown tamrind chutney . But zooni reached for the ketchup  on one of shelves not because she preferred it more than chutney but because she was too lazy to grind  herself some chutney .  At times like these  zooni missed her mother a lot ,  if her mother was home she would be the one making pakodas while zooni would lounge lazily on the couch.

Zooni decided she was going to share a photo of her yummy brown pakodas with her mother on instagram and to beautify the photo she quickly shifted the now cooling pakodas into trendy chip and dip borosilicateware and poured blood red tomato ketchup into the middle partition. Zooni was amazed at how elegantly beautilicious her simple pakodas looked in borosil ware , she added some  coriander leaves to the whole setting and captured a quick photo on her phone and posted it to instagram.

Zooni then switched on her music player and sat in peace near her slightly open window with her pakoda plate . She blissfully munched away the high fat brown beauties dipping them now and then in reddness of kethchup not slightly worried about stuff like gaining weight. These delicious pakodas pepped up her mood and so diets had to wait for another day.

Thirty minutes later when zooni lazily lay in the warmth of her bed checking for updates on her phone she was shocked to find about 26 likes on her instagram photo. That a first for her in her 13 month history of being an instagrammer!  Her pakodas wer a huge hit zooni mused as she went about to check the comments on the photo only to be disappointed. Her friends were more interested in the stylish serving ware rather than her pakodas , they were all praising this brorsilicate beauty and inquiring about places to buy it from.  I was Jealous, Very Jealous but all points to borosil, it sure does perform beautifully.

This post is an entry for the My Beautiful Food contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Borosil

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