Travel smart with Asus "Transformed" T100

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Travelling in trains is one of my most cherished childhood memories. my family made Train journeys between Bangalore and lucknow at regular intervals especially during summer vacations.

I remember how much fun these journeys in trains used to be, with my sister by my side we spent the days away playing games Like LUDO, snake and ladder, antakshari or just staring out of the window as beautiful scenic views passing by.

Then times changed… I became techsavvy, stuff like ludo and anatakshari dint interest me anymore . My sister and me both bloggers by choice itched to reach out for a laptop all because million blog post ideas were flying our dormant minds. we missed portable devices like a tablet deeply. Having no techy option witt us we decided to go the old times route… draft all the floating ideas in a dairy. This was fun too… Me, My sis and quality time discussing our blogs, post ideas and so much more. But a Laptop was surely missed no second thoughts on that.

Back to present.. I travel in trains alone a lot these days with my android phone being my sole companion (android phone=Battery mein no DUM). So the 3 day long journey in burning summer is a Pain!

I saw this contest by Asus on indiblogger asking bloggers the best way they could use the ASUS Transformer Book T100 while on move. I googled to see what exactly wthis Tranformer book was and was amazed at its features and specifications. My mind instantly went into Imagine Mode Featuring me , the ASUS Transformer Book T100 and 3 day train journey.

If I had ASUS Transformer Book T100 as a companion with me on a train it would be such a fruitful trip. A trip to remember you could say..  I could download my favorite e-books and read away , use the dictionary app if I encounter difficult words , make notes and then review these books on my blog .. Baazinga … Pretty Kwel!

The 1.2 MP camera of the ASUS Transformer Book T100 is another boon while on the move. Now I can shoot video tutorials and post on my blog even when iam on the move. Also posting Photo updates to twitter , and status updates on facebook wall is a breeze.  Bye Bye you tiny tiny mobile screen I have now hooked up to a new awesome friend the ASUS Transformer Book running Intel Atom-based processor

I don’t really spend entire of my time on a train scrathing my greay cells, but id actually find the ASUS Transformer Book T100 helpful even when I looking for entertainment because youtube . Now I will not miss even a single episode of my daily soap , I can stream it live on my tranformer book and watch it even when on move , this is what is called incredible technology Smile making life easy and happy.

Ofcourse ASUS Transformer Book T100's incredible battery life of 11 hours is the chief reason why id actually really want to take this marvel of technology with me on a train. I can stay connected , blog, tweet and read away not worrying about low battery warnings atleast for 2 days. Can this get any Kweler?

The best thing about about ASUS Transformer Book T100 definitely is its sleek glossy new age designing. The Transformer Book is actually a hybrid laptop cum tablet which means I can use it both like a table and a laptop . This feature is an Epic win especially while on move, so when iam not doing heavy duty typing on blogger Id just detach the keyboard and use the transformer book like a tablet.



This is an entry to indiblogger contest by Asus , visit learn more about the transformer book here

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