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Vidya Balan has made her mark in bollywood with her fabulous acting skills but on the fashion front she more often than not has been criticized . It is not like Vidya balan doesn’t look good in her public appearances it is just that she chooses too much comfort over style and tends to stick to a pattern and repeats it to the last drop of boredom.

Sometimes Vidya turns up looking like a mother of two out for grocery shopping and sometimes she bowls me over pulling off a stunner looking like a million bucks . I so wish this actress who has so much potential would pay a bit more attention and look atleast her age if not stylish when making public appearances.

In this post I take Vidya on a shopping spree on because frankly she can look so much better even in non designer labels like sabya !.

Vidya sighed as she read some articles in fashion magazines, All of them were criticizing her sense of style in her recent appearances for award functions. Vidya was tired of this , she had tried everything switched stylists, designers and stuck to indian wear which suits her body better but still most of her appearance were written off as tactastic or drabby!

Not feeling too happy Vidya opened her laptop and browsed through some of her favourite fashion blogs and was disappointed when she found that even here she had won a lot of flak for her outfit choices . While reading one such blog Vidya balan came across an advertisement featuring and she could’nt stop her fingers from clicking it and entering a world of awesomeness, like this was destined for her .

Baggout is a one stop shop for all online shoppers wherein personalized shopping recommendations are shown to users on the basis of what their friends and other Baggout users are buying. In addition,Baggout also provides awesome cashback offers on all of your favorite online retailers. The users just need to go through Baggout to their favorite retailers and get an average cashback of 15-20%.  This looked awesomebag6

Vidya balan quickly logged in to using her facebook account and took a closer look into the trending tab, so this is what is in these days Vidya thought. Vidya found some fabulous ethnic wear which was trendy yet within her comfort zone , she added them to her shopping cart in a jiffy. This was delightful experience for Vidya, 3 hours after she had discovered she was still  clicking her mouse exploring more and more having already addded two dozen of clothing and accessories to her cart .

These are some of the items in Vidyas shopping cart


When siddhart Roy Kapoor arrived home Vidya shared her experience of shopping on baggout with him . Siddhart was amused , he wanted to check out this website himself and again they sat with a laptop logged into as vidya helped siddhart shop for himself .

This is what siddhart shopped for himslef

bag 1

At night vidya was in a chirpy and fun mood , she had shopped her heart out as she sat on her bed she realized her bed spreads dint match her bright mood ! They were dull and boring and to replace them Vidya again took help from and ordered some beautiful tangerine and floral bed spreads. When Vidya finally lay asleep on her bed even as sleep eluded her and all her thoughts were occupied by one website and with a jolt she realized for good or bad she  was addicted to baggout now.

Huge variety of bed spreads to choose from


Two days later her doorbell rang, it was the courier boy with packages of joy in his hand.  she qucikly signed and greedily took them all inside. Her smile changed into a full-fledged grin as she opened the box.  She felt like a child at Christmas . She knew exactly what to wear for her new movie promotional events and she would make sure she would be both high on style and high on comfort during this promotional tour . 

A month later Vidya was positively glowing , no it wasn’t pregnancy glow (there is still time for that) it was happiness emanating from withnin her as her film broke record after record and fashion police couldn’t help but gape at her new transformation . The Filmfare awards was to be held next day her stylisht was very tensed because vidya had still not finalised which designer she was going to wear. But Vidya knew exactly what she was going to wear, it was a saree she had ordered from limeroad via which was on heavy discount and even fetched her some cashback . It wasn’t like Vidya needed these discounts and cashback, she  was a successful actor with loads of money at her disposal but buying something beautiful for so cheap gave her a sort of a thrill and these days shoping was her stress buster. Everytime she discovered a stylish product or earned cashback she found herself in a stress free , happy zone .

A whopping 225 cashback on my favourite site


As Vidya stepped on to the Red Caret she knew she was going to rock in her saree because she had shopped the entire look of a stylish scrapbooker which had some dashes of neon in it and kept her make up minimal.

Vidya’s Look for  Red Carpetbag 4

Vidya that night not only won the best actress award but also won the best dressed title . The next day when Vidya sat with her copy of newspaper she was amused to find so much praises for her fashion sense. Baggout was like a magic wand in her life helping her make trendy choices.

This post is a work of fiction and is an entry to’s blog and win contest

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