A Super Smart Zen for Women

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now this is it!With entry of smartphones life has became a lot more easier.  Smartphones are an essential part of our lives these days. It is practically impossible to live away from our phones even for a  day. Today already our phones function as an entertainment hub,calculator, watch, camera, newspaper, email client, calendar, alarm clock, voice recorder, and ofcourse a phone.
Phones are rapidly advancing piece of technology and in the near future they will be able to do so much more . And when Asus gives me a Chance to take inspiration from the super powers of the ASUS Zenphone and install a superpower in my phone I contemplated what I wanted the most. Unlimited battery juice? I hate those 4% battery remaining warning when I have to make an important call . Or  the ability to scan feelings so I know who is faking it? Or the ability to download Yummy Gooey Pizza? Or a women Safety phone which helps me stay safe in a country like India where news of rapes and sexual harassment are a daily routine.
I feel Technology is a  more male inclined concept and most phones today are designed keeping gadget freak men in mind. Don’t we women deserve a special phone designed specially for us?Definitely yes. We women are different we need a special phone to suit our needs . And so I gave my zen phone a super power, superpower called WomenZen power .
What is womenzen power you ask?
Womezen power is a special smartphone power app which comes preinstalled in the WomenZen phone . This phone will help working women simplify their life, making it easier for them multitask and more importantly this phone will help women stay safe and defend themselves . The womenzen phone is  a revolution in the field of self defense with a goal to make the world a safer and more peaceful place for women, bridging the gap between technology and personal safety.
What special stuff is my WomenZen phone able to do?
  • To start with the womenzen phone Is able to scan the thoughts of people in the alleyway you are walking and alerts you if it comes across perverted thoughts.

  • The WomenZen Phone does more than warning you . It has an inbuilt pepper spray dispenser with which you can spray with a click of a button when need arrives. So now your phone will also act as your self defense tool. Wouldn’t such a thing be helpful and reduce the number of rapes in our country? Just imagine Walking down a dark alley and two men trying to assault you , all you have to do is reach your phone and 4 pumps from your zenphone and voila India is a safer place for women
  • The womenzen phone automatically activates digital camera just when the pepper spray is being dispensed taking the photo of the criminal and forwards it to local police.
  • If the Womenzen phone is able to spot gangs who have rape marred thoughts and call police on your behalf at the same time make you invisible
Apart from being a device of women safety The womenZen phone is women frindly in many other ways
  • The womenZen Phone has colour changing technology and is able to change its color everyday according to the outfit a girl is wearing . Now how cool is that, redefining fashion anyone?
  • The WomenZen app comes with prerecorded soothing lullababy tunes to help mommies put their baby to sleep. These tunes are scientifically proven in speeding the process of sleep by 53%
  • The womenZen phone is a waterproof and dirt proof. You don’t have to worry about your phone getting wet when you are enjoying the first rains in your city . Also The Womenzen Phone comes with dust and dirt repellant screen , so when you take your hone into the kitchen to cook a new recipe be assured no wheat flour is going to be stuck on our hone screen. Happy cooking , hiking, biking and more
  • The WomenZen app has a smart mirror . It uses the front camera of your phone to give you a mirror like reflection .So now you can stop carrying your pocket mirror and still look Beautiful Winking smile
  • The Womenzen app has smart shopping capabilities helping women shop smart . The smart shopping feature scans all stores in your area and online stores to compare prices, give information of best bargains available and ongoing sale to splurge on.
  • Womenzen app also has a women health section. This section has a mensuration period calculator, ovulation calender, pregnancy and baby help center. Now if you need any help with intimate women issues all you have to do is seek your phone
  • Womenzen hone also has an inbuilt weight checker. So women can keep track of their weight 24X7 helping them stay fit and fabulous.
Asus Zenphone 5 with Intel processor is a marvelous piece of technology coming with  5-inch IPS panel Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, 8-megapixel PixelMaster main camera with ASUS PixelMaster technology, built in image stabilization and low-light mode function to capture 400% more light for stunning photos and videos without the built-in flash. With such amazing features to boast asus zenphone5 is a revolution in the world of  smartphones. It would be incredible if Asus came up with a women version of this phone loaded with the womenZen power app which would in its true sense empower women, making the world a more safer and peaceful place for women .
This post is written for Asus search for incredible by Asus Zenphone in assosiation with Indiblogger.
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