Beautilicious Feast after The Fast

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The holy month of restraint is here and so are the fasts from dusk to dawn. I don’t find it difficult to restraint myself from food during this month because iam quite used to it since iam fasting from when I was 12 years old, but the first few days are always hard until I get into the Ramadan routine .
If the most difficult part of fasting in Ramadan is getting up at 4 am to eat amidst sleep, the best part definitely has to be the breaking of fast at Maghrib (sunset) to an elaborate mouth watering dastarkhaan (tablecloth?) spread .
The first day of Ramadan was pretty difficult on my stomach, I was feeling hungy by noon since I had not eaten much in sehri because who eats at 4 am after having dinner at 11:30 pm the previous day? Much to my respite there was just about 15 minutes left for the maghrib salah when it would be time to break my fast.
Mom rushes to and fro between the dining area and kitchen arranging  a scrumptious and delightful spread on dastarkhwan. The aromas of indian spices, fried chicken , strawberry milk, fresh fruits and dates all combine together and travel generously around the house not a bit worried of the fact the nostrils they reach consist of rozedaars (fasting men and women) .
My hunger elevates to new heights as the tantalizing smells reach my olfactory, I calmed myself saying “11 minutes more and I will be slurping them all”. I sit down infront of the delectable spread where my sisters are already seated, praying with their hands folded in the form of a bowl . I raise my hands to pray myself but the array of tastebud tickling colours in front of me don’t let me concentrate and I give up, there are 29 more days for me to pray before iftaar I think to myself as I pull my full attention to the mouthwatering spread, these 10 minutes are going to pass like they are 10 years long!.
There is a bowl filled with sugary sweet golden red dates just infront of me , a plate full of fruits apples, papaya, musk melon and water melon neatly peeled and cut , a jug filled with chilled pink coloured refreshing rooh afza and then my eyes fell on a plate filled with crunchy golden brown still hot pakodas ,  I reached to get one for myself totally forgetting that  I was fatsing and BAM! the hushed silence was broken with mom asking me what was I doing ? 3 minutes more The month of restraint , the month of Ramadan  was already taking a toll on me.
I close my eyes planning to divert my mind to something else, but invain all I can see is those elegant borosilicateware filled with NO NO NO I had to block those images out and I fluttered my eyes open turning towards the clock 60 long seconds more . Mom finished her Dua and reached to kitchen to bring in a Casserole of saffron induced biryani with steam flowing from it reaching me directly even as my lungs savored the heavenly aroma. Chicken peeked in from grains of orange basmati and resistance had now whole new meaning to it. The nearby Mosque announced it to be time for iftaar, FINALLY .  I quickly nibbled the dates , then the pakodas and then everything else on display not remembering the order in which I gobbled up yummylicious everything .
Feeding my mouth, filling my stomach and contenting my Soul, a blissful delight . . If being fasting meants I can savour so much variety I wouldn’t mind fasting 365X24X 7 !
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