Black Wishlist for Women’s Safety

11:12 PM

Black is significant, Black is bold,
It's more precious than shimmering gold.
It makes you look suave and sexy,
It's a color which can make anyone look snazzy.
I wish for it, as it is a Beauty,
The immediate key to my safety!

black wishlist
Black is classic, elegant, and bold but it is considered inauspicious in most Indian homes. I don’t own many Ethnic black outfits because it is a complete no at weddings as it is believed to bring bad luck.
Black is also used to ward off ‘evil Eye’ especially in children. A black kajal tikka on cheek and forehead or black bracelets or threads in neck are put on babies to protect them from ‘Buri Nazar’ .
There is so much negative not-so-rosy news in newspapers these days, the MH17 crash, Israel-Gaza conflict, Iraq crisis, closer home there is sexual harassment, Rapes of minors too . While I cant help most news stories, I really think we need to ward off (kill off I mean) the evil eyes of perverts and what better way to do it than going all Black? Black is a strong and powerful colour, being the absorption of all colors and could definitely absorb negative energy which evil eyed perverts release.
Here I put together a list of 5 desirous Black things which are my license to safety in Todays rape Marred India.
Black Pepper spray
Buri Nazar wale tere aankhon mein Kali Mirch!  Yes literally id want to smear those dirty minded perverts with black pepper powder. Black pepper spray is a very valuable tool of self defense for women available in the market in various shapes and sizes. I desire a black pepper spray in every womens handbag . A pepper spray may not make women rape proof but it lends a sense of security and when administered right into the eyes of criminals, routes of escape become a lot wider. When every women in the country is equipped with this safety weapon perverts would think twice or even thrice before putting their vicious fangs on women!
Sexy pointed Black Stilettoes
Beating down eve teasers with chappals is quite popular in India or Bollywood at least. I like this idea or taking down perverts with dirty disrespectful things like chappals. It is important for women to protect their rights and fight for themselves.I feel footwear are  great weapons and they are always with you, I mean how long are you shoe less when out? But I don’t wear too many chappals, the shoe maniac me wear sophisticated stilettos and I want , really really want  to walk around in black pointy,sharp heeled stilettos spot and stab a rapists with stiletto heels. Stabbing my pointy heel into his cheek making way to his teeth and then to his other cheek, Such an unpleasant vision but I long to do this. Stab once, twice , thrice…..until death. Oh what pleasure!
Black Belt In Martial arts:
Better to be safe than sorry? The dangerous place that india is becoming for women, we need to train ourselves in self defense. The best and most practical approach to combating sexual violence is to learn to fight back. We women need to learn martial arts, not just half cooked basics, a Black belt is what I desire for every women in the country. Everytime I read these heart wrenching tales of Rapes in news paper I wonder what would the result be if the girl was trained in self defense? Guess she would deliver a hard disfiguring punch to the perverts, and sign off saying “Mujhe karate aate hain, Black Belt hoon” Geet style!
Sleek Black ipad:
Crafted to perfection a sleek Black ipad is every earthling’s desire. The ipad is beauty, it is grace, it is epitome of perfection. Apart from being the best tablet out there ipad has so much potential when it comes to personal safety. I desire a sexy piece of this technology with safety apps like MyForce app, OnWatch and Hollaback preloaded on it to guarantee me protection.
Black Revolver :
I am the most non-violent person you will ever find, I believe we have no right to take away life if we cant give one. But when I hear of brutal gang rapes, 6 year olds sexually harassed, iron rods forced into victims all I desire in my hands is a Revolver, a power packed black revolver to shoot off those human incarnate vicious devils. They don’t deserve to live. They deserve to die in the merciless shots of my Black revolver.Period.

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