Desire in Black

2:30 PM

Black maybe considered a gloomy colour but for me black is epitome of elegance, having the power to lift a frown and put a smile on my face.
Iam very passionate about black, Almost fanatical. From Khol rimmed eyes to sexy pair of black pumps, From sparkly black diamonds to bitter sweet dark black chocolates, from a black LBD to a black iphone,from black forest cake to black coffee, from the sparkly night sky to the movie Black, from  black money to  I desire them all and more .
If you ask me to name 5, just 5 measly black things I desire I will seduce you with the power, the magic, the elegance and the class of black so you are left asking for more. a lot more.
Darkness descended as the sun set in, the Black clouds intensified the darkness, the weather was muggy, pearls of water could lash down anytime now she thought glancing at the sky , the colour of which almost matched her sheer black net Manish malhotra saree. Her saree swished and swashed with the breeze. She had to walk fast to reach home , She had walked all the way down to these sarson ke khet to take capture some bollywood inspired selfies, but it was already late now, she had to hurry, getting drenched in rain was the last thing she wanted . Not that she hated rain, she loved it but the vision of her exquisite black saree being ruined wasn’t a pleasant one. She tried walking fast but her Classic Black Louboutins werent helping her cause, they werent cut out for the brisk walking, the heels were hurting her badly , she looked around for some respite and just like that, magically a black Lamborghini materialized and stopped inches near her and a man in Classic black tuxedo stepped out. It took her a good 30 seconds to realize who this man was. She couldn’t help but stare at his well chiseled form, drooling over him even as he yelled ‘surprise’ to me. He took me in a passionate bone crushing embrace as if quenching his 3 month long thirst of her. She looked into his deep black eyes and found nothing but desire in them while danced his eyes on her. The barely there blouse in velvet molded her curves as the sheer saree did nothing to hide her tiny little waist. Her creamy neck dazzled against the black fabric  and her soft pink lips, oh they were inviting him and he gave in, a passionate kiss making the black cloud rejoice at the union blessing them with cool drops of water while he quickly buried their faces in his jacket. Tum hi ho Meri aashiqui played in her mind .
She wanted to capture a net saree amidst sarson ke khet wala bollywood moment but destiny had other plans for her Winking smile. Oh and her saree was ruined but did she care? Not one bit.
That my dear friends is my fantasy, My true Black Desire.
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