Five Things that Zest up my Life

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I am just an ordinary girl living a very normal life but I try to live every moment of my life to full. I try adding meaning, colour and Zest to my life in my own small ways. Here are 5 things that define my life, add zest to it. 


Music: Music is one thing I can never get bored of . Being a bollywood buff,  bollywood songs are an integral part of my life. When iam feeling down or just lonely I turn to music , it takes just about a couple High on energy bollywood mixes to pep up my mood and turn my mood from sappy to happy!

The best thing about music is it acts like my best friend making for a perfect companion in both happy and sad times. I love listening to everything bollywood from Shreya goshal to Rahet fateh ali khan to Himesh Reshammiyaa (his music not singing). And Of course how can I forget the Legend AR Rahman, his soulful music is what I need after a long tiring day to reenergise and  feel Alive.

Shopping:  I Love shopping and helping my economy grow Open-mouthed smile . With the amount of shopping I do you can call me a shopaholic because I probably am and No, I don’t need help. Shopping is fun and it satisfies my inner self.  There is a little bit of magic found in buying something new.

When the going gets tough for me I head for retail Therapy and when iam Happy and I know it I go Shopping again!

Shopping adds zest to my life, especially street shopping discovering some good buys , bargaining for it to the last penny and then the victory dance in my head for buying it so cheap. The hell shopping helps me Burn My calories too.  Mood Boosting Stuff This. 

Winning: Oh winning adds zest to anybodys life alright , but what kind of winnings? Twitter , facebook and blog contest wins. Yeah iam contest freak and love playing these crazy and witty contests on social media, whacking up my brain, writing stuff good enough to win, reading bursts of creativity from other participants, keeping the fingers crossed , anticipating the winners listand then the Thrill when my name is announced as a winner. Zesty To Core. 

I mean winning freaking aah-mazing stuff like an iphone or ipod for FREE, getting it shipped to your door step, can life get any more exciting?

Weddings: Iam loving weddings these days, theyare an entire package of Fun. The Yummy Gooey Food, Heena, dance, music, beautiful ethnic Outfits , and a whole lot of colour.

Some cousins are getting married soon and this only excites me, taking a break from my busy life , helping them shop for their dream day and being a part of the whole big fat Zesty affair is such a welcome change from my monotonous of  a life. 

Best thing about weddings is I get to flaunt all that fabulous ethnic stuff I have shopped over years . Infact iam so addicted to weddings that iam constantly stalking mehek’s wedmegood blog , do check it out if you love everything about indian weddings.

Twitter: Twitter is my mood uplifter and this list wouldn’t make sense if twitter wasn’t on it . This is one terrific social media site which has managed to keep me addicted for close to 5 years. Twitter limits the bullshit to 140 characters keeping conversations sweet, short and to the point.

Twitter is THE zest of my life because it redefines the meaning of Wit. I use twitter like  my morning newspaper as Twitter adds the NEW in the News  and delivers it to me in such a witty way that iam left wowed . perfect beginning to a day. That’s not all, apart from being my source to breaking News, twitter is my platform to incessantly rant, seek advice, daily dose of jokes and quotes and more. In short twitter is my window to the world. Being a Twitteratti means I will lead a zesty life forever and keep boredom at bay

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