Heaven on Earth

9:48 PM

If ever, there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.
After a long flight from bangalore to srinagar , finally walking on land was a great feeling.  Travelling to Kashmir was not everybody’s idea of a perfect vacation. Given the indo-pak turmoil and kashmir being at the crux of it a visit to srinagar was more of an adventure which I happily looked forward to.
Kashmir was an epitome of natural beauty, an ethereal picturesque. Standing awed by the serene scenery infront of me at the dal lake and I was 100% convinced that this definitely was a piece of heaven . The colourful shikaras, snow peaked himalayas, magnificent willows and house boats. There was so much to look out for in kashmir.

Apart from the great scenary Kashmir is also popular for its saffron plantation. Saffron  fields bloom only for a short period of time and witnessing the bloom is a matter of luck.
Photos of purple hued Saffron fields always fascinated me and to actually witness wide expanses of fragrant purple beauties blooming in person was a dream come true. The blooming rich purple flowers cocooning treasure inside namely, three crimson threads  of saffron. I took a long deep breathe to inhale the divine saffron smell as I sat down to take in the vision. A vision of purple seas in front of me as fragrances rushed to my olfactory from time to time. Smell of meadows, saffron and nature combined formed a pleasing blissful fragrance.
If there is a  heavenly fragrance on earth, it is here , it is here , it is here .
I want to inspire such a divine fragrance so everyone gets a whiff of heaven even they havent visited kashmir. A fragrance which brings back to me memories of that beautiful fragrant day.
This post is for Godrej's Inspire a Fragrance contest.

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