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Huma Quereshi on Femina’s July Cover

9:25 PM

When it comes to fashion Vidya balan and Sonam kapoor are what I frequently choose to express my views on because I love both of them , one for Acting and other for style. When I saw a  tweet featuring this Months Femina India cover sending out a strong statement I Had to blog about it.
Femina Were actually running a contest with hashtag #MyBodyMyRules promoting this edition when I spotted huma on the cover with a mannequin in front sending out a message. But what hit me really was how ironical this cover was , promoting Not-so-perfect body shape yet photo shopping Huma to give the slim trim effect. Hypocritical much?
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Huma for the cover really was  a great choice.  she is voluptuous yet beautiful but I cant see past Quereshi’s arms and neck on cover which are heavily photo shopped. !
What are your thoughts?

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