Maa ke haath ka Jadoo

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Moms will always the Master chefs for us since the tastes are build from birth and there is a special connection to her food. I would be a happy and a content person if I can one day cook atleast half good as my mom.

Every time iam forced to enter the kitchen I try emulating my mom, but invain , the results differ drastically. Even something as simple as jeera rice tastes like heaven when cooked by mom . It is amazing how the picture perfect pure white slender grains of rice just don’t stick to each other  even as they are entangled with grains of zeera while whiffs of desi ghee fly away to tease nostrils. When I cook the same rice it comes out looking all watery and just so mashed up and bland!

Although everything my mom cooks is  mouth watering and tasty , she cooks Hyderabadi biryani the best, you can call it her specialty .  When the holy month of Ramadhan began mom decided to welcome the month with Biryani.

Moms biryani is always delectable tri coloured art work . The three colours namely orange , yellow and white are derived from rich saffron,flavorful turmeric and plain white rice respectively.

The Biryani was simmering and I could already smell whiffs of cardamom, tez patta and other aromatic indian spices. Mom always says “Hunger Allows You To Enjoy Your Food” and here all these delightful tantalizing aromas were only increasing my hunger even as my nose enjoyed a feast of its own.

When mom served the food  in elegant glassware by borosoil I couldn’t help but gape. Like a Visual treat it was time my eyes to enjoy the meal . The tricoloured  divine mixture of basmati rice was marinated in assorted spices with small chunks of chicken dancing here and there Inviting me to taste them with my nose, eyes and tongue.. drool fest this.

My taste buds had waited enough and I gave in to temptation and spooned in some biryani on my plate and ate to hearts content.

And next day at sehri I wanted to eat the left over biryani and nothing else. Mom asked me to microwave it before eating and thanks to borosil microwaveables I can cook, serve, store and reheat in the same utensil . Hassle free heated Biryani time to savour my taste buds again!

This post is an entry for the My Beautiful Food contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Borosil

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