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My brother is a cars and bikes junkie, big fat one at that . Most men are tech savvy and car obsessed but my brother takes obsession to new highs, never missing F1 races, staying updated on latest car launches , learning new wheeling tricks on his bike, going on road trips , racing with friends and so much more .
Everytime there is a new contest on indiblogger, me and my sisters discuss about the topics , the prizes on offer and share ideas for writing posts. When the contest was announced my sister saw it first and was talking to me about how the prizes are fabulous but the topic is geeky and not her types. That is when my brother caught attention and inquired about this site and the next thing you know he flew to his laptop and darn logged in!
The boy Logged in like a swoosh really, as logging into is a breeze with the “login with facebook” option available. After logging in My bro spent another 30 seconds filling in details like dream car , dream trip, location etc to complete his profile and then another look and it was Love at First sight for him! Since then he is smitten, hooked and booked to
My brother was quick to share his road trip experience in the "Share your Experience” tab and he was both delighted and angry when he found some of his facebook friends already part of Delighted that he could read their experiences and share the mutual passion for all thing cars and angry at them for not inviting him into this car social service before.
2 days later a combination of both My brother and indiblogger’s contest deadline forced me into joining the website myself . Here is my review of the site
Login: The login is simple and fast with help of facebook plugin . Being a social networking site for car lovers the login with facebook option is a fabulous way to connect with other friends. Once you login with facebook you can read drive experiences of friends, cars they own and if a car junkie friend of yours hasn’t joined yet you can invite them over!
I was a little  disappointed that other social websites werent integrated . For twitter lovers like me options like connect with twitter could be provided.
User Interface:
The website is nicely designed and layout is pretty simple. Even a not so big car lover like me could navigate easily. The home page has a minimalistic approach and all important features are categorized neatly into tabs.
A website which claims itself to be a social network of car lovers should have a lot of  car content and carconnect isnt short of it in any way. makes sure it keeps all the car lovers updated with latest car news and car launches .
It also offers unique feature where users can compare cars. This feature would be of great help to people who are looking to buy a new car and cant decide between two options.
Connecting Car lovers: stands true to its name and connects automobile junkies enabling users to read car experiences of fellow car lovers,compete with them to earn badges or just leisurely chat away in the chat room.
I do find this website very interesting and one of its kind , no wonder my brother has fallen in love.
Here is why I think my brother is in Love with
  • Car lovers Unite. One stop shop to share experiences, compare prices , get inside news and reviews
  • All submitted user experiences are moderated before being shared on the site. Hi-Fi for this!
  • The leader board and badges is a great idea to keep people hooked on to the site. No wonder my brother is so smitten, always sharing.
  • Compare car prices feature is a boon to people who want to make car purchases in near future
My brother is so In love with but is this site free of flaws?
Although I do believe True Love really is loving someone despite their flaws, here are areas where can improvise:
  • More login options like twitter
  • Option to upload more than one photo at a time when submitting experiences
  • It would be great if carconnect had an app to share and connect on the go 
Verdict: If you are car savvy, run to your paradise Now! My brother already stays there for most part of his day.
This Post is written for the  "The Experience!" indistuff contest hosted on indiblogger in association with

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