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Shradda Kapoor walks ramp for Gitanjali Gems

8:07 PM

I don’t blog about fashion on ramp but when I saw photos of what Shraddha Kapoor wore as she walked the ramp for Gitanjali gems at IIJW I dropped my jaw and curated this post to share my thoughts Open-mouthed smile

Now what kind of a candy flossy outfit is that and how the hell did shraddha agree into wearing that bottom flared out gown?

This is supposed to be the jewelry week where fine jewellery and gems are showcased , but tell me with such a busy outfit who is going to notice the jewels Shraddha is wearing? Also there is way more sparkle on the gown shradda is wearing than in her jewels . Epic fail this!

Don’t you think showstoppers should let jewellery stand out instead of overwhelming it at shows like IIJW?

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