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Sonam Kapoor Walks for Rio Tinto’s Nazraana at IIJW 2014

8:25 PM

If you follow my blog regularly you would know how big a fan iam of Sonam kapoors brand of style and here again at IIJW 2014 Sonam dazzled all


Sonam wore a white Ashi studio dress for walking the ramp as a show stopper for Rio Tinto Nazraana. Being a jewellery week it was surprising to see Sonam wear only diamond earrings and rings. I expected some jewellery on her neck too. May be celeb showstoppers should work on this and not overshadow jewellery as I noticed many others did the same thing at IIJW 2014.

As for the dress I LOVE it. If you read this post of mine where I talk about my recent obsession with hi-low hemline dresses you would no just how much this dress excites me. I like its ruffled flare and the swanky cut bustier , it is mesmerizing.

But on sonam the dress just doesn't sit right, I mean the bust is stiff and sonam just doesn’t have the right body for it. Also her legs stand out in a not so good way here , she is better off in long gowns. But she did look nice and stole away the attention from the jewellery.

what are your thoughts?

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