#WhatTheBlack Mystery : Day 1

3:11 PM

Some days back I had signed up for the #whattheblack activity of blogadda and received a mail couple of days back that I have been selected.
#whattheblack is a mystery which will be slowly unraveled with clues sent everyday to bloggers. Today being the first day I received this cute little black package. The package had a black egg in it. Out of all the things I expected this certainly wasn’t one. iam looking forward to tomorrows package of black joy, but before that let me share thoughts on what I received today.
Along with the black egg came a egg shaped mysterious note :
My very eager sister did not waste time and cracked open the black egg to reveal a yummy brown chocolate which she has already halved!. As for What the black really is Iam very clueless at the moment. Why a chocolate? is it related or is just build up to revelation?. I think #whattheblack is not related to chocolate in any way because the chocolate was brown not exactly black.
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Any ideas #whattheblack is all about drop I your comments and do join me on facebook and twitter to unravel the mystery.
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