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Last month there were a flurry of food osts on my blog which were entries for borosil alphabet soup contest and iam delighted to have actually won and squeezed myself into round 2 . My post Beautilicious Feast after the fast won me these elegant Borosil serveware , Have a look.


For Round 2  50 shortlisted  bloggers were sent this hamper of pristine Borosil dishes and asked to showcase in them a beautiful meal via pictures. Since this round is titled ‘Pictures Everywhere’  ive tried to keep my rant to minimum and let my Photos do the talking.

So whats so special about these borosil dishes? Well these dishes are made from 100% borosilicate glass which is microwaveable, refrigerator safe and flame proof too! Big Deal? Yes indeed, because that means you can, serve , store, reheat in the same utensil. So less utensils to wash and more time to enjoy.

Ive heard of microwaveable serveware but flame proof? well time to test. I took this Baby Gourmet Bowl and put it on gas burner and cooked seviyaan right in it! Amazing it dint crack nor go black. The seviyaan was garnished with cut badams and strawberry sauce.

This is a ver multipurpose bowl set and my favourite of the lot. After eating some  seviyaan I just put the bowl into my fridge . This is called hassle free cooking. Love.



I wanted to showcase the true beauty of borosil dishes so I cancelled cooking fancy stuff like biryani, halwas and stuff and planned for a everyday menu which is simple but a long list because I wanted to use every single glassware sent to me . The menu consists of plain rice, drumstick dal, papad, seviyaan, chicken kebab, Dahi vada, boiled eggs, Rooh afza lemonade ,kulfi and carrot-cucumber toothpick salad.

It was quite a task assembling this menu since it was all cooked at home. Ok honestly I did cheat a bit the vadas (not the entire dish) and kulfis were store brought.

If cooking is an art, Beautiful presentation of food is no different and Iam thankful to borosil for simplifying this art .

B for Beautiful

B for Borosil

It is no coincidence Smile












This post is an entry for my beautiful food contest by round 2 on indiblogger in association with borosil.

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