#WhatTheBlack Mystery Busted : Day 3

4:29 PM

So, we are at the day 3 of #whattheblack mystery except that is no longer is a mystery. Yes indeed the Mystery has been cracked .
The Day 3 clue was a black paper cup and tissue paper which are giveaway clues revealing that #whattheblack is slim soft charcoal black toothbrush by Colgate!
Tomorrow will be the last day of #whatthebalck where the product itself will be sent to selected few and iam eagerly waiting to see if the prediction is correct.
So, how did I arrive at that revelation?
Day 1 clue a chocolate causes tooth decay
Day 2 clue a newspaper, Morning routine (brushing) and the footer stating the paper was  fictitious work of candid marketing pvt ltd, a little bit of googling and Voila !
Day 3 clue (tissue and paper cup) only confirms it
Day 4 : A Toothbrush to prove me right.
Indeed I was right it #WhatTheBlack is a TOOTHBRUSH a Colgate slimsoft charcoal toothbrush.
Everything was becoming black because a toothbrush has now arrived in black, Charcoal to be precise. So why so much hullabaloo over a toothbrush? Well because it is different with deep cleaning like never before.
I thank the team of candid marketing and blogadda for such an innovative and gripping promotional campaign, it was a pleasure to be a part of it.
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