#WhatTheBlack Mystery: Day 2

3:59 PM

Day 2 #whattheblack clue arrived a little late for me probably because of the bangalore bandh and I was surprised to find a Black Newspaper! Of all the things I expected from jewelry to chicken, a newspaper was the last thing I had imagined.
The activity is very exciting and has added the much needed zing in my blogging life. The fictional news articles were a fun read, loved it. Oh and the newspaper had blank pages too. Maybe they are coded news write ups there!
The Newspaper came with a coded message attached to it, have a look
Day 2 clue was very helpful and there were lot of giveaways especially the fact that #whattheblack is a candid marketing pvt ltd venture, a toothbrush cleaning all blackness away?
So what are your guesses now? decoded anything yet?
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