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I didn't know why they called it 'a bundle of joy' until i got one myself. The feeling of being a mother for the first time was totally out of this world. 

The day on which my 'bundle of joy' finally came into this world, I transformed into another person altogether. 

Today the boy is two years old and I think saying that the past two years were the most exciting and demanding years of my life would be an understatement! 

Ta ta..

Those are the only three words he has learnt to say to date. I love it when that small innocent mouth of his forms those three words in a way so cute that I feel like practically eating him up when he mouths them! 

Kids...I think they are the cutest creatures God ever created! 

Have you ever felt that you have died even though your body is healthy? That was what I felt like last year when I was lifting my almost lifeless child, rushing him to an emergency room. 

Those were the toughest days for me,my husband and the entire family. At first, which was a week prior to his illness, i sensed that he wasn't well and decided to take him to the doctor the next morning but the next day he looked fine and I cancelled my plan to go to the doctor. The diarrhea attacks started in the evening. First the number of loose motions was two...then four...then eight and by the time my husband rushed back home, the kid had weakened so much that all his small little bones were seen sticking against his skin. We rushed to the hospital and our worries widened when none of the medicines the doctor gave worked.

We took the baby to another hospital, my In-laws joining us this time. The doctor quickly checked him into an ICU and refrained from answering any of our questions. 

I swear I would have given anything to take my little one's place! 

Relatives started pouring in to meet us and assure us that everything was going to be okay. All the time I stayed there in the hospital, my little one's laughter, his cries, his wails kept booming in my ears making me sick.

My kid was the most flamboyant boy I had ever seen! He was born smiling! Seeing him in such pain cringed my insides and I bet my whole family was feeling the same way!

When the doctor came out to talk to us after his diagnosis and told us our boy was going to be perfectly alright, I felt like I was born again!

Never! I promised that day. Never was I going to be ignorant ever again!

I had already heard tons about the amazing Chyawanprash, thanks to the TVCs, but I started including it in my little one's diet only after i learnt a great deal more about it through It's famed to instill three times more immunity in children. I think that's awesome! The disease which haunted me a year back wouldn't bother my little one again if I dosed my little one with Chyawanprash regularly!

Our children are our strength, their health our happiness, hence we should make sure we include magic potions like Chyawanprash in their diet! 

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