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Keep Calm And Shop at ! Shopping experience !

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May banglea
After a long month of work and stress came the festivity and I finally decided to shop and splurge on something I love ! jewelry ! yes yes yes :D *jump of joy*
Shopping is an addiction of mine, a week spent without shopping would mean I am dead I have shopped from Quikr quite a few times and each and every time it turned out to be satisfactory.
Jewelry shopping sounds like music to a shopaholics ears ! So this festive season with everybody going the ethnic way even I went on accessory shopping spree! Statement rings and Hyderabadi Lac bangles , gosh the festivity just got better with this shopping spree ( Thank you again Blogadda !)
Coming back to my shopping experience at Quikr, it was FANTABULOUS ! I mean I got to meet the seller who lived in remote area which wasn’t much far from my home, I visited her personally and I actually made a contact which is going to last for a good shopping contact for a very long time !
Quikr History Please.
Quikr is India’s no.1 online classifieds platform, a platform where people can connect with each other to buy or sell goods and even services! Yes ! It was launched in sometime around 2008 with the vision for buyers and sellers to meet and connect online, and transact offline.  Today one can find almost everything over quikr ! You have so much choice , the best part Quikr from your city!
Do’s and Don’ts while shopping at Quikr:
While its fun and a blessing when you find the right product you were looking for on Quikr one must be careful while shopping too. Lets look at a few things One should avoid while shopping at quikr.
- Don’t just buy blindly, compare the prices with other sellers.
- Make sure you call the seller and confirm if the product is used or in new condition.
- It is best to meet the seller personally than opting for transferring money via bank and asking for a courier for the product you are buying.
- Its better to call the seller and not just contact via mails. I took up to whats app and then called her after confirming the product was available/.
-Last but not the least its good to bargain but make sure you don’t cross the lines ;D
Overall experience:
I would say its far more easier than shopping at any online websites. I actually bought bangles which are Hyderabadi and I was happy I actually found them in Bangalore( bought from the jewelery category here) , that too at a beautiful price !
Its very simple to find products on quikr with the search bar, just type in the desired correct product name and viola it takes you exactly to sellers selling the desired product of your city ! So yes it might need a bit of travelling and talking over the phone but overall result was satisfactory!
The product I bought are two dazzling sets of Hyderabadi Lac bangles *pure love* and a couple of statement rings from the same seller. At first the seller was a lil discreet, and later on contacting via whatsapp we finalized a time and a place where we could meet and carry on the transaction further offline. Below is the screenshot of the seller I bought from :
hyderabadi lac bangles
To be truthful , I never received replies to mails I sent to a few sellers and hence later on was forced to call to buy product from sellers who hadn’t posted pictures but had put up their phone numbers. But fate had me and I found the perfect seller after a bit more digging into quikr search option ! \:D/
The seller was a very friendly woman . I gave her a call in the morning of the day we were to meet. Upon meeting her I checked if the product was in perfect condition and was a lil disappointed on not finding the best set of bangles not fitting me :P but the disappointment vanished when I bargained and bought three gorgeous statement rings for just 600 bucks ! Ha ! ;) When it comes to jewelry I simply cannot stop myself from splurging more hence I actually ended up buying for 6K ^_^ .
I ended up splurging on three sets of hyderabadi Lac bangles , 2 in same design and the third in a different texture and color, further more I bought three beautiful pieces of huge rings ! *Happy dance*
IMG-20141027-WA0012 - Copy
Bought each of them for INR 1800 only ! It cost me 5400 for 3 beautiful sets of bangles! Teehee !
Statement Rings! Three for INR 600! *Black Belt Bargainer* :P
Beauty Beyond Words : Hyderabadi Lac Bangles
This ones my favorite ! *_*
Everything went smoothly and when I was on my way back to home with the product I  couldn’t conceal my excitement on finally getting my hands on these beauties :D Below are the pictures of my jewelry haul !
Overall its pretty easy peasy to shop on quikr ! The first step is to make an account on Quikr, then find the product you are looking for and then go ahead and make it yours in less than a day’s time( if the seller is not busy, which was exactly in my case) *smirk*
Final Verdict:
I loved shopping at Quikr and guess what I plan to place not just a few but a couple of too many add of the products from the firm I work for (#WaysToMakeYourBosshappy;)
Everything apart I had no idea it was so easy to sell on quikr and now I am motivated to sell the extra stuff I shopped and suddenly realized ‘ Hey why the hell did I buy that?!’ onto quikr ! Quikr is undoubtedly Buyer aur seller ka perfeeeeect matchmaker !
So next time you want to buy a product you so badly want or want to sell a product you so badly don’t want/ have no place at home to keep/ mom bought one, sister bought the same one from abroad just keep calm and sell it or buy on awesome online platform : Quikr !
Happy shopping !
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