Padoswali Diwali

11:29 AM

India is known as the land of festivals! Each festival brings with it its own excitement and way of celebration. Diwali is no different. The festival of lights brings to together not only families but also neighbors who come together to burst crackers and share greeting, sweets and joy.

Being a muslim diwali for me has always been a Padoswali diwali instead of a gharwali diwali, but that doesn’t mean there isnt any ghar jaisa feeling when celebrating with my neighbours and friends.

With life being busy these days as we tend to get caught up in the web of offline and online worlds there is hardly anytime to get to meet and connect with our neighbours and friends but diwali gives the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends and meet and greet new and old padosis.

One of my best friend happens to be a hindu neighbour and this means that diwali has always been a high on fun and celebration affair. I have never been the one to follow the ‘ diwali is festival of lights not pollution’ mantra . It is a festival and a little burning of crackers is pretty ok , the pollution these crackers cause is nothing compared to what vehicles emit on a daily basis. But I do hate the noise pollution and so me and my friends stick to the visually delightful crackers like chakri, phuljari, and flower pots. But I do request people to indulge responsibly and not turn the cracker bursting ritual into a wealth show off  .

I remember when I was a child I used to make repeated visits to my friends place even before diwali came to help her in cleaning her room and making preparations for the festival which included preparing wicks for diyas, painting diyas and more.  On the day of  diwali when it was a holiday for school I would wake up early wear some fabulous clothes and rush of to my friends house to binge on everything high on calories without worrying about weight gain.

Then I would patiently wait for the sun to set and the Real fun to begin as my friends and other neighbours brought out their crackers amidst diya lit balconies for a night of fun, joy and togetherness.

I miss those days, now that we have shifted house and are not really close to our new neighbours but I am going to make sure this diwali is going to be special as I have decided to spend this diwali at my friends place and relive the old days. Times have changed more than a night of crackers we look forward to some meaningful time together .

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