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Raise your voice for a Clean India

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 2nd this year launched the nationwide Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign that aims to clean up the country and improve sanitation in the next five years.
I completely support this campaign by PM modi as cleanliness and hygiene is directly linked with health and a healthy nation always has a better growth index. But for this campaign to be a success we as responsible citizens of india need to support it .
Our ‘ sab Chalta hai’ attitude will do us no good, we need to break our silence and raise a voice.  We, the people need to take initiative and contribute in our own small ways to make our country clean and green, a better place to live in.
Though my parents are from lucknow I have spent all my life in the garden city Bangalore.  The silicon valley of India once used to be clean and green, but it isnt the same anymore. The unplanned development, neglect by authorities and people have all caused the city to witness sights of dirty roads, piles of garbage and stinking open sewages, noise pollution, air pollution, traffic woes  . Morning walks in this city which was once called a pensioners paradise, a home to retired people are no longer pleasant all thanks to littering.
We Indians keep our home neat and clean and don’t care about our surroundings. Infact our neighborhood is actually dirty because in process of cleaning our homes we dispose of the garbage outside . Disposing garbage isnt a crime but we need to dispose it off responsibly.
Lets raise our voice for a change Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega, hum sab bolenge to restore the lost sheen of Bangalore and making it a clean, safe and a green city again.
How can we help as citizens
  • Raise your voice , when you see someone littering , throwing waste in places other than the garbage bin.
  • Raise your voice, when city authorities don’t install proper garbage bins
  • Raise your voice when government authorities don’t clean waste on time
  • Educate people in your neighborhood on benefits of keeping surroundings clean
  • Speak up, when you see someone spitting out on the roads.
  • Smoking in public is banned, don’t hesitate to remind this to people when you spot them smoking in open
  • Stand up when a tree is being cut, don’t stay silent .
  • Educate children about the need to cleanliness and hygiene
  • Stand up and raise your voice against every kind of sexual violence and eve teasing
  • Spread awareness among your friends , family and social network.
Now the time has come to abandon silence and start speaking up.
Now is the Right time.
Do not wait , Use the ower of your voice to make a difference and bring about a change
About the #AbMontuBolega campaign:
Strepsils launched the #AbMontuBolega campaign to encourage people to speak up and raise their voices against all that is dirty in our country . This campaign nudges us youth to use the power of our voice & work towards a Swach Bharat.
To know more about this campaign click AbMontuBolega. You can also connect with Strepsils on Facebook and Twitter.
This Post is written for#AbMontuBolega activity by Strepsils in association with Indiblogger.

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