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Hello everybody,
Long time, no see Open-mouthed smile!
If you are following me on instagram and twitter you would already know I was gone on a trip to lucknow (my dadis place) . Now how is my trip related to the title of the post? Read on to know
Travelling to lucknow via train is a 3 day long journey , early in the morning on the third day of my journey the train had some technical problem and it  came to a halt in a village somewhere between Rae bareli and Pratapgarh. Early in the picture perfect morning around 6 am with fresh breeze, green fields , sun rising we were to witness an unpleasant sight of villagers defecating in open along the railway tracks with a louta (mug of water )by their side.
A co passenger who had her roots from a village in gorakhpur then began to tell me how this was a normal everyday ritual for most villagers who are associated with poverty and cant afford lavatories. She told me how these villagers were orthodox people and their women folk exercised a high degree of purdah or ghunghat and had to wait till it is pitch dark to venture into fields with water buckets and a torch. Their problems multiplied in monsoons when there was severe water logging in fields along with snakes and other pests. She then went on to narrate to me a true tale of a woman who went out in dark to relieve herself and was bitten by a snake and died the next day! She also told me how majority of schools in these villages did not have toilet facilities, this being the chief reason for girls to drop out of school post puberty.
I was left thinking about the women folk of these villages, who have to sacrifice their dignity and privacy to relieve themselves. Lack of toilets also puts women at risk of being sexually assaulted, the recent incident in badaun of 2 girls who were raped and hanged is proof of jjust that.
Apart from being a threat to women safety, open defecation severely impacts public health, causes diseases like diarrhoea and several other infections, environmental pollution which all contributes to malnutrition
Impact on Children: Open defecation directly impacts health of children who play in the same fields where people relieve themselves.  These children are at risk of catching many worm infections and diseases like diarrhea which are a result of exposure to fecal germs. Open defecation contribute hugely to malnutrition as majority of energy and nutrients in these kids is used for fighting germs and infections instead of body growth and development.
Open defecation is a serious problem which needs to be tackled and soon. Domex with its #ToiletForBabli initiative looks to help make villages ‘open-defecation’ free.
How can we help?: Click on this link to help the dream of Swachh Bharat, free of open defecation come true and support the Domex Initiative. For every click Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.
I request all my reader to contribute by clicking for thing clean cause.
This post is written for Toilet for Babli activity on indiblogger

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