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Come lets end their hunger

11:52 PM

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Food is one of the most basic human needs and it's important that in order to live a healthy and happy life we eat healthy and nutritious food.

But do you know that hundreds of unfortunate souls don't get to eat healthy food? Leave alone healthy or nutritious, they don't even get to eat a non-healthy meal twice a day. This is thing is very common especially in the rural areas. 

My economics professor used to always tell us that the main reason India was still a developing country was that the majority was still illiterate and came from a very poor background. He said that before being granted education this mass should be granted food, and that is when India will truly start developing.

Today as I look back to those words, I can't agree more. When a child is hungry and instead of feeding him first, if you start teaching him maths, there's nothing he's going to register. Only a happy stomach can lead to a healthy mind and inturn a constructive education!

When I was myself a child, I could never control hunger. I too had to experience some unfortunate days when my school van would be a early or due to some other reason i would have to miss breakfast. Having gone through that stage, I can tell you that one can hardly concentrate on anything else when one is hungry!

So what do we do? How do we support those hundreds of uneducated and hungry children of our country? There are many ways! 

To start with, the first answer which comes to my mind is 'social media awareness' ! Being a Twitterati, I for once know that social media is nothing less than magic. We all should start supporting the #AkshayaPatra cause and spread awareness far and wide with our social media posts! There are many firms/organisations on social media who promote this cause, we could join hands with them and help them achieve this beautiful goal!

Another amazing thing we could do is donate. It never hurts to donate some of your money to the less fortunate. Trust me, there's not a thing which is more divine than feeding a hungry stomach, child or not! 

So what are we waiting for? Come lets join hands together and follow our duty as humans today!
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