Rising above My Fear of Failure

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Success is what everyone wants, dreams and works for . No one likes to fail but what happens when the fear of failure stops you from trying new things and moving forward in life ? You have to overcome it, defeat it and rise above it.

In my ninth standard a day before my science exam a close relative fell seriously ill and I could not study for my exam as most of my time was spent in hospital . Next day when things calmed down and the patient felt better my mom asked to go write my exam and come back to the hospital .  I asked my mom if she was crazy as I had not studied a thing and writing the exam would mean I would fail in it .  I decided  not writing the exam was better than writing nothing and failing in it.  My mom advice me to not fear failure and try my best as I had prepared for days before and the day before exams studying is not all that matters.
I wrote the exam as my mom refused to budge and when the results were declared I shocked to find that I actually passed in all subjects including science.  I infact was almost fully prepared for my exam days before and the one day before exam did not matter much. This incident made me realize that I had a fear of failure and because of this fear I was over planning my life and always focused on over preparing myself. This Fear of failure was the main reason I had been playing it safe always and stopping myself from pursuing new things fearing failure and maybe even shame. 
This fear of failure always kept me in my comfort zone. I was a good student academically I had this pressure of performing well always and this was the main reason I stayed away from sports events in my school. My inner voice always said
“ There are so many amazing physically fit girls out there. There is no way you are going to win this. So why even make the effort?’
I decided to ignore this inner voice for once and actively participated in the sports day event of my school that year not worrying of what people will say if I fail . In my mind I had already accepted failure, I had decided to take treat this as a learning ground , a little shame will do no damage to my self esteem and Ego . I had low expectations from myself ye I was being pessimistic but that was only one half of me.
Old habits die hard and the other half of was busy figuring out ways to succeed and was motivating itself to do the new and do it the best . I practiced and focused on my strengths and well surprised myself with a close 3rd in the 100 meter race. I Rose above fear and the victory was all mine.
My fear of failure has been defeated, I have taken the bull by its horns and work towards achieving my dreams. But a tiny bit of it still stays and I have learned to cope with failures by treating them as learning experiences and stepping stones to bigger goals. And iam actually glad there is still a little bit of fear of failure in me as it is this fear which helps me plan my work and work my plan . Iam still play safe girl but with added wings which are always ready to fly if an opportunity presents itself because a balance is important . I make sure I deal with my fears, not by going back, but by moving forward Kyunki Darr Ke aage Jeet hai!
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