Speak the Truth and set yourself free

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The Truth Will set you free but first it will piss you off
Speaking truth  has many advantages, and the biggest one is that you don’t have to remember anything. There is so much already on our minds these days from passwords to pins that burdening our conscience with lies is simple not worth it.
We have always been thought by our parents, teachers , siblings to never lie and to speak truth however bitter it is. But do we really actually follow the ‘ honesty is the best policy’ rule in our lives? No . Because lying simplifies things and presents itself as a great temporary solution.
My fathers friend who at the age of 52 is known for his ethics and honesty once told me training yourself to speak nothing but the truth takes intense devotion. He said he has worked hard for majority of his life to train his tongue into spitting out pure truth. He said lying has become a way of life for todays generation, simple lies like ‘ I am on my way’ are very common and not considered wrong at all.  It is true . Isn't it?  We have made lying a normal part of our lives and in the process we have complicated our lives.
I remember back when I was in school lying to parents was a very usual thing to do as I feared the wrath of my parents or was just plain ashamed and wanted my good girl image to be intact.  I was good at academics but cricket fever caught me when Pakistan toured India and I decided enjoying a nail biting match was more important than studying for a class test . The result being India loosing the nail biter in the last over and me performing miserably in the class test too. Most of the class was busy with the match and this resulted in almost the whole class not performing well along with me and this enraged the teacher and she demanded we all get the test results signed from our parents. There were two ways from here: Either I go and spill the truth to mom and subject my ears to a big long lecture or sign it myself .   I chose to sign it myself as it was an easy deal because I was an expert at forgery and my moms signature was very simple .
When my mom found out about the whole class under performing in the class test accidentally through my friend , she was hurt. She told me I should have trusted her and she wouldn’t eat me up just because I flunked a stupid little class test.  It was then that I realized that speaking the truth was the right thing to do. I should have trusted my mom to understand that an India v/s Pakistan was important to me , I should have let my mom lecture me on balancing and being prepared before hand for tests if such important matches are scheduled. After all parents always worry and scold for our own good.  They always have our well being in mind and the least we could do for them is to be honest and trust them to understand.

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