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Everyone loves travelling and exploring new places . Kids love it more than anyone as for them Vacations are not about rejuvenation and a relaxation it about satisfying the curiosity of a new place.
I remember as kids I always waited for summer vacations to arrive . Our vacations were planned way before  our final exams and this made the whole exams ordeal all the more horrible. The travel plans and booking of tickets all happened around our exams. And when exams were finally done we couldn’t just wait to carry our bags and drive away. 
When we were going to lucknow early this year we experienced a new kind of excitement. Going along with us was our  enthusiastic 3 year old nephew .  While we were busy preparing for the vacation, shopping , booking tickets and accommodations he was busy with his own excitement and curiosity. He often bombarded us with silly and sometimes cute questions about the trip . He even played active part in packing for the vacation .
Special care was taken by my sister to pack for this trip as this was the first time my nephew was travelling to somewhere as far as Lucknow and that too in a train. We packed for some soft toys  lots of healthy snacks , Enid blyton books and soft blanket along with many other things
When we reached the railway station  my nephew was stunned to see the length of the train, he seemed to have expected a train to be as long as about 4 buses put together max nothing more than that. It was great to see how my nephew enjoyed the whole trip . He always fought for the window seat and was very excited every time the train went over bridges. Sometimes it got all annoying with the boy being stubborn and throwing tantrums , but my mom said we were the same when we were kids . But overall we had a great time exploring the city of lucknow with my nephew. 
My nephew had the most fun on this trip as my sister had planned it well to make his first long vacation a memorable one. And how did she do that? Well she planned it in details , packed like there is no coming back , ate the local nawabi lucknowi food and included kid oriented sight seeing on the list . We also went on a short Tanga ride (a horse driven carriage) and my nephew was both excited and scared , in the end it was all a big fat blast. It helped that my grand parents live in lucknow so along with being a vacation this trip also was intended to help my nephew bond with his extended family who were always ready to pamper the boy 
Iam sure my nephew is going to remember this trip and the experiences he had here for a very very long time unlike other trips to places like amusement parks, zoos  and picnics .
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