Are you ready for Summers Biggest Blockbuster?

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Bollywood and cricket sell like hot cakes in India. What happens when big names from both these fields come together? A Blockbuster is born.
Pepsi has apparently done just that. Pepsi makes their latest TVC a star studded affair where in stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Virat Kohli, Pritam, Anurag Basu and Terence Lewis have come together in what is titled as the summers biggest blockbuster.
The ad which is not yet released already sounds exciting and to add to our excitement is this teaser video released by Pepsi on their youtube page. In this video all these big stars namely Ranbir kapoor, Virat Kohli, Terence and Basuand pri tam are trying to bring attention to themselves and are talking about the film being ‘ all about Them’  and in the end bollywoods trnding diva Signs off with a flying kiss saying it is not about anyone but her.
The teaser video which serves as trailer of sorts to the much awaited blockbuster gives us a hint of what is to come. In the fun trailer every star talks about the video being theirs . Virats goes on to say ‘ chakka kisne maara while Ranbir who has the maximum coverage in the video talks about him doing all his stunts himself . RAnbir is also seen doing some stunts which tells us that the ad may feature some stunt shots too. Terence Lewis cracks me up with his ‘ mere ungli ke ishare pe sab naachte hai’ .
Personally this ad film excites me as I have immense love for most of the stars featured in the video. This video also has Terence Lewis which means there is going to be some dance involved as well. Iam so looking forward to the release of this film and watch all these stars come together and set screen on fire in reel life. Pritams Music and Anurag Basus direction is sure going to ad an interesting touch to this video
This is going to be one very amazing blockbuster consisting of so many big names. But the Big question is who is this video really going to be about? I think it will be all about Ranbir Kapoor as he gets maximum screen space in the video or it may just be the ranbir fan in me overthinking it all . Only time will tell . While you wait for the video to go on air watch this Teaser and keep guessing who this is all about.

Also here are some stills
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