Down the Memory Lane: Winning the best Student award

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I was good at studies, not to boast or anything but i was serious very good. I may not be the state topper or stuff like that but i could do a damn good job of mugging up and that is what out rote education system is all about.

My parents opted for a neighborhood school which wasn't the best in the city but had amazing dedication to quality. The school was fairly new and this meant the number of students weren't in hundreds and this was a blessing because everyone got individual attention. Blessed with a good memory i easily sailed through exams, getting the passing marks was hardly important. what was important was getting my name listed in the top five in class and that was a tough task. My competitors majority of whom were girls always kept me on my toes. I would wake up early in the morning before the sun rose to study , not because i had parental pressure or even because i had dreams to follow but only because i wanted to excel against my competitors who were also my friends. 

In ninth standard i became very serious about this rank among the top thing and became so involved with my books that i stopped having fun. The results were of course very bright as i missed the first spot just by a whisker. My first second rank i was happy but my mom wasn't. She advised me to loose up telling me when i look back at life nobody will remember how much i scored in ninth standard , they may ask you how much you scored in tenth but ninth  has zero importance in the longer time frame. 
I realized my mom was right, these mugged up textbooks aren't going to help me in the long run and so i decided to actually learn something new. A few days later a  cultural festival was announced and i decided this was my chance to actually learn something and also have fun at it . I enrolled Myself for essay writing, debate, JAM, spell-a-thon, Vegetable carving , collage , hair styling, flower arrangement and face painting. Yes that is quite a handful on my plate but there wasn't any restrictions on the number of events you want to participate in and i was so not going to limit myself. 

with my academic skills essay writing, debate and JAM did not require much effort or work. I could do them but it was the creative activities which were a challenge . My mom was happy to help, she sat down with me and we discovered new ways of carving vegetables at home , learned a lot about flowers , their arrangement styles and themes and of course mom was  a hair styling pro. 

this period was the most enjoyable part of my school life i bonded with my mom and actually learned so much more than what our textbooks had to offer. I lost many events but my Flower arrangement titled ' Wild Beauty' won the round  and more wins followed as i grabbed second in JAM  and third in essay writing .
It was Annual day at my school and after having finished my small role in the introduction choir i was sitting with the audience when my name was called out for the best Student award. I froze , i couldn't react, i thought i heard it all wrong simply because i wasn't expecting it . my mom Put caressed my cheek and nudged me forward on my way i saw my competitor who looked as shocked as me. Why had she not won? din't the first ranker always win this award? Apparently no, the best student award was given to the student who excelled in both academics and extracurricular activities and i had done that better than my competitor.

 I went up on stage midst roaring applause and grabbed my certificate and trophy and a gift from the chief guest and hurried down. thank god we dint have to make speeches like they do in bollywood award ceremonies. Id have made a fool of myself. But when i think about it today i know what i should have said in a speech. I would have dedicated it to my mother, she helped me in this, she was my driving force, my motivator , my strength. This was an award we had #together won, my mom added the much needed fun to my life and helped me Look up.

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