Hail the power of Hope

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Hope is what keeps us going, the whole world survives on it. Optimism is my way of life. i have always looked for positives in bad times, took them as a lesson and moved on.
But there are times when you loose it all. Hope , optimism, will power and faith. I am glad to have survived it all and emerged stronger than before
It was about 10 years back when my dad had a heart attack . He was admitted to the hospital , doctors said they cant be sure if he can survive it. This was a blow to me and my family. Death is a very alien concept to me .  I had been lucky to never have  witnessed someone so close to me on a death bed. Back then all my grand parents both maternal and paternal were alive.
i was shocked, panicky, tears rolled down my eyes, my mom went dizzy . To add to misery a patient in the nearby  ward had just lost his battle with life. I  knew i had to stay strong, for myself and for my mom. I took moms hand in mine told her dad was a fighter he will fight this and emerge victorious. i told her to stop crying and use her energy in more positive things like praying.
It worked after about four most exhausting hours of my life doctors informed us that my dad was out of danger. The ray of hope was back. After a week more in the hospital dad was back to being normal and was discharged home.
This were most testing times of our lives but dad was positive . He said this made him realize he should be more careful about health, he said this was a new life gifted by god to him and will live it to full and will not waste even a single second sulking from now on. his optimism was an inspiration for all of us .
My family had drifted apart . small things had broken us . We dint function as one. Uncles and aunts had all lost touch and barring an occasional phone call we had nothing to do with each other. But this incident changed it all. We all  realized the importance of being together in both good and bad times.
Today when i look back My moment of at this time in my life i can only remind myself of all the hope and positivity it brought to me and my family. My dad is still alive and kicking but unlike before we spend a lot of quality time and are a very close knit family
Cheer to moments of hope, let them keep us going
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