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The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

My Dad has been a source of inspiration for me. His life is a book of lessons . He has always done the unthinkable and explored new grounds. Change has been a way of life for him.

 Hailing from a small village from the interiors of Lucknow his journey of moving forward, chasing dreams and following his heart has been an amazing one. Moving into a new city with his new bride, dad started his own business in bangalore with a small amount of money. business is a risky affair and the city was new but that did not deter my dad , he kept going . Sometimes it was smooth and sometimes it was difficult to meet ends. New city also meant very less scope of socializing but my mom supported my dad and he went on to reach new heights everyday. My dad says his work excited him, there was something new to learn from it everyday. Dads earnings werent sky high, he could earn the same amount without taking so much risk and moving to a new location. But for him challenges mattered more. He said the business had scope for more success, it offered much more fulfillment, it gave us a chance for moving forward.
But the unthinkable happened, My dad suffered hefty losses, My grandparents insisted on him returning back to his home town . But My dad stood his ground , he started afresh and with support from mom , he worked harder and tried to recover the losses. Times were hard but he did not loose hope even for one moment. The journey was taxing but he came though it victorious . Times looked rosy again.

 By now dad had mastered the tricks of the trade and had made contacts with many investors and at around the same time india's 1991 economic reforms happened. Importing became easier now, import tarrifs were reduced drastically and taxes also came down. With help of some investors dad decided to eliminate middlemen and directly import goods. The path was tough importing isnt an easy deal, but the returns were mouth watering and the learning curve was tempting . This was another fresh start , another new change steering him forward towards a brighter future.

 The decision to import resulted in amazing returns, which helped dad invest in property and with in months we moved into our first own house leaving behind the rented one. It doesnt stop there our life from there on kept changing and most of the times for good.

 Every time iam feeling low and my life isnt going well dad reminds of his life , his struggles and how he was focused on his dream of a better living. His motivation and support has always helped me follow my heart , look no where but up and #startanewlife

 This post here is to remind myself that change is important and to not let little things affect me. I have to pick myself up leave the past behind and start anew, start fresh . I have to give myself this chance to better living.

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