Trends in Men's sunglasses

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It is still march and sweaty sunshine is already here in its full glory. Bangalore is supposed to have the worlds most favorable climate but it is sultry hot in here and hens are probably laying omelettes instead of eggs. 

Summer means comfortable cottons and sunglasses time.  The best accessory to jazz up a summer outfit is a pair of elite sunglasses, they not only protect from UV rays but also adds to the style and today i am going to talk about trends in men's sunglasses. 

Just like shoes, men don't own just a pair of sunglasses. There is of course a huge variety to choose from but the right frame will do the trick. Whether you are wearing a suit or just strolling of on a beach, there is one right pair to style every look.

Pull on your shades as i compile to you 5 hottest men's sunglasses trends: 
  1. D-Frame sunglasses : if you are aiming for a contemporary look d-frame glasses are perfect for you. These D-Frame glasses  have a unique square kind of cuts which give a very futuristic vibe helping you stand out and make a quick statement. 
  2. Mirrored Sunglasses :  Another hot trend this season are mirrored lenses which  are very popular with the youth as they have a cool and fun aura. The best thing about these sunglasses are they photograph nicely and screams confidence and mystery . just find a frame which suits your face and get mirrored lenses attached and you are good to flaunt the shiny new trend.
  3. Wayfarer sunglasses : This iconic style of sunglasses by Rayban is a timeless piece of fashion which may never go out of style. opt for these if you are opting for a retro look or even a casual look.
  4. Round Frame sunglasses: This 30's trend has been revived and is your best bet to getting a vintage look right .
  5. Colored frames sunglasses:  The best way to add a pop of colour in summer is with a pair of coloured sunglasses . If you are in mood for some fun playful look this is the trend to try. 
While you are looking for style in a pair of sunglasses don't compromise on quality as protection for your eyes is the key. 

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