Ek Nayi League

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Kapil Dev is a living legend who won India its first cricket world cup back in 1983 . Cricket is very popular in india today and a lot of credit for its popularity can be given to Kapil Dev and his team who sparked dreams of world championship in young indian minds.  cricket has been rapidly commercialized today.  There is T20 , Indian Premiere league and brand endorsements.

Cricketers makes the best brand ambassadors as the cricket crazy India always look up and notice when our cricket celebrities talk. The same happened when Kapil Dev sparked off a promotional campaign titled Ek Nayi league on his twitter profile this week.

What is this Ek Nayi League all about?  Well not many  know what it is about as the marketing team for this League has decided to go the suspense route and let people do some guess work before the details are released officially.

In the Poster Kapil Dev is featured with his finger pointing to head while the First 16 second promotional video Kapil Dev reveals how playing this game with heart will make you go hit wicket.  Though this League is being marketed by a cricketer and is being dubbed the Ek Nayi League on the lines of Indian Premiere League i have a feeling this is no where related to cricket .

This all Dil V/s dimaag talk makes me wonder how much bollywood will be involved in this venture So lets get guessing and see what this Mystery turns out to be

  Here are my guesses
  • A Quiz Show live on TV with celebrities as participants. I say quiz because quiz involves using brains and not the heart and if anyone uses heart in a quiz game they definitely will be hit wicket. If this happens id love to see alia bhat be a part of this for atleast one episode
  • A cricket league for Celebrities? Celebrities from various platforms may come together to play a league and this may be a promotional campaign just for that
  • A womens only version of Indian Premiere League. Since Kapil Dev mentions women Players in a video i have a  feeling this could be a commercial venture for women cricket in india 
  • A virtual Cricket League  where  people can play and win virtual cricket on their computer screens?
  • A cricket Reality show where fresh young cricket talent will be hunted.
  • A couples league with a twist as this whole thing is giving a lot of anti heart vibes
  • This could also be an Investment venture as Kapil talks about retirement in one video.
  • The Ek Nayi League can also be an online gaming portal because a lot of promotion for this league is happening online and Kapil Dev specially joined twitter to promote this. 
The suspense is to be revealed today in the grand launch at mumbai where Kapil Dev himself will be present. what do you think this league is about? If you think you have cracked this idea behind this league then you could win 1 lakh rupees. Go and answer here

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