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Glowing healthy skin is a dream these days especially in cities like Bangalore where a lot of time is spent on roads amidst traffic jams and polluted air. Pollution isn’t good for our mother earth and it isn’t any good for our skin . High levels of pollution coupled with stress and sun rays contribute to uneven skin tone and paleness.

You eat a balanced diet, use the right creams , religiously follow the Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize routine and drink 8 glasses of water daily but your skin still continues to remain dull? Well the problem clearly lies elsewhere. Research says that polluted air takes a significant toll on skin making it pale, pigmented and lifeless. With increased level of pollution oxygen levels in your skin decreases and best way to revive your skins glow is by indulging in some oxygenation with a good bleach.

I am not in favour of bleaching regularly because of the amount of chemicals present in it but the instant glow bleaches give always lured me in and I ended up using them. Now that I have found the perfect bleach, which is Oxylife crème bleach, with abundance of goodness of oxygen and is also ammonia free, I find my skin related problems sorted ! That is not all- Oxylife creme bleach is said to suit all skin types and comes with special oxygen technology to help breathe new life into dull, dead skin.

Key Ingredients:
Crème Bleach: Hydrogen Peroxide
Powder Activator: Persulphates
Post-bleach skin radiance serum: Sea minerals extract and oxy sphere.

Price : 80 for 27 gm
Shelf Life: 30 months

Product Claims
OxyLife bleach gives more fresh active oxygen to the face and makes dull, dark and lifeless face come alive instantly. OxyLife crème bleach comes with a unique pre bleach cream that forms a protective shield for even the most sensitive skin and gives you a safe and healthy bleaching experience. 

How to use
Step 1 - Wash face with plain water and pat dry.
Step 2 - Take crème bleach and powder activator in the ratio of 7:1.
Step 3 - Using the spatula, mix the activator and crème for a good 2 minutes till the powder activator dissolves completely.
Step 4 - Apply the mixture on the area to be bleached. Avoid application on eyebrows and around the eyes.
Step 5 - Allow it to remain for the recommended time (up to 10 minutes for darker skin tones, up to 15 minutes for wheatish skin tones and 15 minutes or more for fairer skin tones)
Step 6 - Wash off with cold water.
Step 7 - Apply the post-bleach skin radiance serum on the bleached area and see a visible radiance!
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How I Use it : I thoroughly cleanse my face  and  I thoroughly blend in creme bleach and powder activator with spatula provided. Next i apply this mixture and apply on my face and neck especially on upper lip area and I leave the same for 10 - 15 minutes before washing it off. There is a light pleasant fragrance and I can feel a cool minty sensation. After washing off i apply the post bleach skin radiance serum lightly all over the bleached area.

The results are instant and the difference clearly shows. I am left with glowing, tan- free and healthy skin. My skin had a little bit of tan but after using the product my skin is two shades lighter and I am totally satisfied with the results. The fact that it did not sting or break my skin out is an added plus and i will recommend it to people with all skin types. Even people with sensitive skin can use it but please a patch test on your hands or legs before trying it on your face. Also you can try keeping it just for 5- 10 minutes to start off with and then go on to keep it for 15 minutes from next use. 

Why OxyLife Bleach works :
- Priced right
- Easily Available across all local kirana stores
-Helps get rid of tan
- Simple compact packaging in a box
-Does not Sting or burn 
- Easily lasts for 3 uses
- washing it off is easy .
- comes with post-bleach skin radiance serum
- Ammonia free
- Suits all skin types
- Nice mild fragrance
-Contains active oxygen to make skin come alive 

Overall I have finally found my HG cream bleach and I am going to be using it regularly to remove tan and lighten hair on my upper lip. So friends what are you waiting for? Go #SayYesToOxygen  and don’t let pollution make you look dull. Get your ticket to flawless complexion and glowing skin!

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