Sale coming? Achha Kiya Jo Nahin Khareeda says Flipkart

1:37 PM

You all know how big a flipkart addict iam but the offers and discounts these days dont appeal much to me and i have been shopping a lot less .  
Yesterday  i went to flipkart just to check if there are any good offers on apparel then i spotted a #achhaKiya banner on its home page . I realized Flipkart is probably saving its best discounts and offers for its 19th june sale.

“Achha Kiya Jo Nahin Khareeda” – Flipkart Surprise Price for those Who wait is an interesting campaign by flipkart and they are building up excitement for their big sale day with various videos where people are finding good deals but not buying simply because they want to wait . Iam excited too i wanted to buy some dresses but i refrained myself and iam sure that mein ne #achhakiya and flipkart isnt going to disappoint me .But i do hope flipkart addresses it server issues for its big fat sale day and this doesnt end up like the last year epic fail Big Billion Day.

Flipkart on its AchhaKiya Page is asking its customers to add products from the list given to their wish lists . I haven yet added anything from the list as i have no interest in buying TVs or head phones but iam sure there will be something for me in this sale as the teaser videos for this sale are hinting at apparels and accessory shopping.

Please note iam just guessing there is going to be a sale , nothing has been revealed yet . Watch some of the teaser videos here

Are you excited about this new sale coming soon? 

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