Ab Har wish hogi poori with Flipkart

4:13 PM

Wondering what this #AbHarWishHogiPoori is all about? It is the first ever blogger Wish Chain in india inspired by the flipkart wish chain video here

The blogger before me in the wish chain is HemaPriya who writes at MyLittleMoppet.com has picked up a scooter for her son which took me down the memory lane . When i was a kid , i was a proud owner of a pink-purple tricycle gifted to me on my third birthday. I have faint memories of  my mom teaching me to pedal in the balcony and then  i would just barge into my home after cleaning and poacha was done imprinting Tyre marks all around leaving my mom complaining , while my dad said it was she who was teaching me cycling and she will have to bear with the after effects too.

Later my dad gifted my a bicycle when i was 12 and again it was my mom who accompanied me on a thrilling adventure of  learning to ride a bicycle. My mom would be out in the street trying to help me balance, telling me to keep the peddling on and to keep looking straight ahead and nowhere else. She was my first teacher, my motivator . She never left my side until she was sure i can ride by myself and when i did ride all by myself it was a moment of  independence even as my self confidence soared high. 

Every moment spent with my Mom is a treasured memory for me. Not only cycling, but she was my first expert and my first teacher for everything under the Sun! Her unconditional love and support was what kept me going even on the toughest times. Today, when I teach my two year old nephew to ride a bicycle, all the memories spent with my my Mom come flashing back, bringing a smile on my face.

These days i dont meet mom often , there is a lot going on with life and staying connected becomes a mammoth task . Just yesterday I felt the urge to talk to my Mom, to share all these little moments with her... To thank her for every second and for all that she taught me, for if not for her, I wouldn't be what iam today, i wouldnt be me.

Funny how some distances are so disheartening. It feels so bad to have to stay away from your loved ones with whom you grew up... especially your Mom! 

Today, it's the technology struck world and yesterday I was hit with an idea that why not make use of the same technology! My Mom, lives in Lucknow, far away from where I stay(Bangalore) and though we do stay connected with each other through calls once a while, I would be more than happy to spend more time with her. I want to share every moment of my life with my Mom and want to rekindle the joy of living by her.

My mom who isnt very tech savvy uses an old model Nokia phone. But this Eid, I have planned to surprise her with a gift ~ a new smartphone, an Asus Zenfone 2  . I know mom will not be able to properly use it because she isnt used to smartphones but we have to change with changing times and this is just the start. I realized that mom needs just a little bit of motivation and teaching to start mastering the art of technology and gifting her with a phone is definitely the right start.

The idea was amazing, i had it all planned , a smartphone which will help me connect with mom  24/7 via Whatsapp and other such amazing apps! :D But i wanted to gift it for this eid so that mom can play around a bit with it and explore the device herself  At first I was upset that I wont be able to give her this gift if I won't get to visit her this Eid. But then hey! FLIPKART! :D

Later next month i will be visiting mom before her trip to Saudi Arabia for the Mecca pilgrimage and that is exactly when i plan to teach my mom how to simplify life and stay connected  with a smartphone the smart way 

Yes! Ab har wish zaroor hogi Poori! I'll gift her the smartphone via Flipkart and though I won't be able to visit her on this Eid, I am sure she'll be overjoyed to connect with me using the smartphone and thanks to Flipkart, we'll have a wonderful Eid connecting and sharing moments with each other! :)

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