7 ways in Which I plan to use Airtel 4G

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I have already told you about Airtel rolling out its 4G services in India across 296 cities here. With its blazing speed Airtel aims at making overnight movie downloads and low resolution videos a thing of past .
With more speed comes more possibilities and I sure am very excited to try on new stuff on my smartphone to make full use of airtel 4G .

So how do i plan on using the added speed?

Post More on Instagram : Social Media has always been my thing especially twitter but i was a late adopter of instagram . Even after i signed on instagram i never got to posting photos regularly and the blame totally goes to the speed of my mobile internet . The first real time photo i uploaded on Instagram went through only after 4 attempts and from then on i just dont upload from mobile internet. I just capture photos and wait till i get to my wifi to start the upload process. Apart from that my instagram feed also took ages to load on my 3G net. But it is all going to change now all thanks to airtel 4G . Now you can expect me to be more active on instagram. Follow me on instagram for updates here.

Watch TV show  episodes I missed on Youtube:  So I not a TV addict but there are some shows which i watch regularly and when i do miss an episode or two due to personal or professional commitments I use the services of India forums to read written updates on my mobile. Never have i watched missed episodes of my favourite shows online on YouTube because buffering is one think i detest with amazing passion. So with 4G Airtel promises no buffering meaning i will get to enjoy my TV shows to full, now no more written updates. How col is that?

Video call Mom : I video call already but that happens only on my laptop . I dont use my phone to make video calls ever even it is equipped with a proper front camera . the reason? Crappy speeds ofcourse. Now Imagine, video calling mom in the middle of  a traffic jam and catching up on latest gossip. Traffic jams couldnt get anymore fun.!

Watching Video tutorials on the Go : So i want to try a new hairstyle for this party iam going to . My phone to rescue. Streaming video tutorials on 4G is smooth and lag free and i dont need my laptop anymore so i stand in  front of my mirror with my mobile by my side and a new look is ready.

App Shopping : App shopping isnt really my thing but looks like retailers like Myntra and flipkart are going to force me into it by going app only so i better join the bandwagon and start shopping on the app and what better than the speed of 4G to encourage me to do it. You may just catch me shopping on the even while Iam travelling if the app bug bites me.

Live Music streaming: You know with music my tastes keep changing and i just cant keep listening to a set of songs again and again. A new day, a new mood and a new playlist is what my heart craves and the best way to fulfill the wishes on my heart is to stream music online.

Online Gaming : No, i just did not get addicted to gaming or stuff like that , this one is for my nephew who gets to fiddle quiet a lot with my phone. This cutie nephew of mine loves playing games on my mobile and 4G means he can experience the world of online gaming lag free

So how do you plan to use the added speed of Airtel 4G?

Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services and it has made 4G services available at 3G prices . Getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away , go tweet #GetAirtel4G to get a 4G sim delivered free at your doorstep. For complete details of Airtel 4G go here -

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