Embrace Airtel 4G - Fastest Network Ever

8:45 PM

We live in the instant era where everything is either fast or doesn't exist at all. Rapidly changing technology excites me and iam always delighted to try new technology marvels.With the amount of technology i deal in people may say iam a gadget freak or even a tech slave but that isnt true. Technology is how i try to balance my life and fit my whole schedule into 24 hours a day . I discovered early on that technology when used smartly can help me save a lot of time and even some money . So every time new technology came in i was quick to embrace it into my life. 

Smartphones, 2G, instant messaging, 3G, apps , fast charging  i have incorporated them all in my life and iam proud to say iam a tech forward women always on the lookout to make living better with newer technologies. I use my smartphone like a mobile wallet (mobikwik) , food ordering machine (foodpanda) , calculator, mail client , instant newspaper (twitter) , camera  , alarm clock , fitness pal , book a taxi , shop online  (flipkart) and so much more.  With my phone helping in so many unlimited chores all through the day my biggest fear includes low battery warning, inadequate wifi signal and slow internet speeds.

When I am home i sit right beside the wifi router and my charging point but what about internet speeds? The internet speeds are pretty pathetic in my place especially in the later part of the month but i can manage with it . What i cant manage is the 3G speed of my sim which is slower than the tortoise and my mails literally arrive ages later while my webpages refuse to load to its full glory . The other day i actually had to go around fishing in for autos, even as every other auto wallah went around throwing NO at me for my destination and all this because my mobile internet gave up on me and couldn't get ola or uber to run on my phone. Finally after many attempts i landed up with an autowallah who decided to head to my place if i paid him double the meter amount. That day i decided i needed a new sim and a network operator change and i needed it quick . Today when i saw this Airtel TVC imagine my delight ! Airtel is giving me just what i want , the speed of 4G at the price of 3G .

I went to the airtel website here  and checked to see what i  required to get started with 4awesomeG . A 4G device, perfect i have it, next a 4G sim , ok i am all set to apply for one and a 4G plan . Wow that is simple, now iam waiting to get my 4G airtel sim and cant wait to get started to experience the world of my smartphone the 4G way!

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  2. Airtel 4G is really a super fast internet I have ever used. The uploads and downloads just take some seconds to complete. It's amazing!!. Thanks for sharing this.


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