Fighting hair fall the Natural way

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Arrival of summer almost always brings with it hair problems . The heat, the pollution , the sun all play havoc on even the most strong and shiny hair and maintaining healthy and  long hair becomes quiet a task . This is probably why we get to see short hair cuts and styles becoming quite a rage come summers. It shocks me to see people just choose the easy route and go in for a hair cut  instead of putting a little bit of effort in maintaining their long luscious locks which they have probably grown with a lot of effort  . I mean i know managing long hair requires more effort than shorter ones but hello it is hair and managing them aint rocket science. I  have experimented a lot and learnt that maintaining long and strong hair doesn't really require that much of an effort or time . I have found out some simple solutions and methods which work and that is enough to keep my hair thick and long.

My sister has always been a fan of all things beauty and she follow a simple but regular beauty, skin care and hair care regime.Her simple regime works well because she is  blessed with pimple free skin  which behaves for the most part of the year but she always had to face a lot of problems with her hair  , from split ends to dry dull hair she has had to tackle it all and she has actually tackled them all pretty amazingly all thanks to her regular hair care regime .  But life seldom remains same, people get busy and religiously following your beauty regimes just become a luxurious dream which is what happened with my sister. After giving birth she ended up being busier than a bee and ignored herself in the process of giving more time for her baby. The Result ? She popped in at our place 3 months back with a make over - Super Short hair . She said she liked it that way, easier to manage plus the baby will be pulling her hair a lot less now.

My sister again arrived this month on chand raat and is staying with us for 2 weeks post eid celebrations and this week we sat down with our nephew to watch the disney movie Tangled when she revealed her desire of having long hair again. She said she was hating her short hair and missed her pony tails, also the super short hair did not suit her round face one bit. I asked her to grow it back and she said she was trying just that for the past 2 months but nothing was working . Her hair was becoming thin and brittle and she was experiencing major hair fall .
I sat down to share my beauty gyaan with her to help her out of her hair problems . I asked her to deep condition with oil in the night every second day to see the difference. She was very confused about which hair oil to use so i  recommended Dabur Vatika enriched coconut oil  to her. This Hair oil which comes infused with natural goodness of heena, neem and lemon is what i have been personally using to rescue my dry, damaged hair for some time now.

Summer season means sweatier hair and you end up having head baths almost daily and washing hair everyday means you are ripping your hair off its natural oil and in the process making it more prone to breakages and  hair loss. So it becomes more important to indulging your hair in oil massages . Oiling your hair is a sure shot route to shiny, manageable and smooth hair. But choosing the right hair oil is important . Most hair oils in todays times have abundance of mineral oil and very less natural oil so you have to choose wisely. Choosing pure oils like coconut oil also isnt enough because these days the levels of pollution and exposure to direct sun rays are so high we need more natural herbs to keep your hair strong , shiny and healthy and that is exactly why i recommend Dabur Vatika Hair oil to all . (go here)

More tips to fight hair Fall :

-Using the right comb is important , wooden combs work the best also use a wide tooth comb
-Minimize Heat :  As if  the summer heat wasnt enough we all expose our hair to more heat from appliances while blow drying and more. Try to minimize heat on your hair or better still avoid it all. Go for cold air blow dry
- Carry a scarf to minimize damage from sun on your hair. I always have one in my handbag.
-Dont over brush your hair . Gentle hair brushing twice a day is what i recommend
- Dont comb your hair wet. Combing your hair when they are wet is when you potentially damage your hair the most. Just Dont Do It.
- Having a healthy diet is the most important part of healthy and strong hair .

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