Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil - Review

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In today's times of polluted air, exposure to sun, stress and junk diets hair problems are a common thing . You may have the most luscious, thick and black hair but end up falling prey to hair problems at some point of your life. Hair problems range from hair damage, hairfall, split ends ,frizz , greying to hair breakage. I ended up with a month of hair problems about 3 months back which included split ends, hair fall, dandruff and dry dull hair. I knew i had to do something about my hair and a drastic haircut was not something i was not a fan of so i turned to age-old wondrous coconut oil . My hair were too rough and dull and only coconut oil wasnt going to be enough so i included extra herbs namely Heena , lemon and Amla all packaged nicely in the Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil .

Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil which comes with triple power of Amla, Heena and lemon which work from within on my scalp and nourish my hair from the roots helping repair my damaged hair and bidding a bye to hair fall and hair breakage. Adding coconut oil to my hair care regime has also given my hair shine and volume making them frizz free. The overnight coco ++ deep conditioning i project my hair to has helped me tackle both dandruff and split ends .

 Here I present to you my complete review on this hair oil after using it for around 3 months now.

Packaging - Dabur Vatika coconut hair oil comes in green plastic bottle with a screw cap also in green colour. It has a pin hole nozzle for dispensing oil. The plastic bottle is very travel friendly.

Texture: Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil is light weight and is almost transparent with a hint of green in it

Fragrance : I love the fresh scent of this oil which isnt overpowering but lingers for a while.

Price - Rs 84 for  150ml.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Availability : easily available at all retail kirana stores and even online stores.

Directions for use: (from site here):
Massage Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil onto your scalp thoroughly.
Allow the oil to penetrate through your scalp by leaving it for an hour.
Rinse your hair thoroughly and notice a healthy shine instantly.

How i use Vatika Coconut ++ Hair Oil : At night before hitting the bed i apply generous amounts of  Dabur Vatika hair oil on my scalp in a circular motion . Then i take oil on my fingers and apply on length of strands and leave it overnight . I love how this oil is light and non sticky but i still put my hair in a bun and wrap it with a cotton scarf  so as to not stain my satin pillows . I of course need to thoroughly shampoo my hair (two times ) to get rid of residue but the results are amazing. My hair now look shiny, manageable and smooth.  I do this thrice a week and iam loving the whole cool and calming effect this routine is having on me while the herbs get  to the task of repairing my hair .

Why Dabur Vatika cococnut ++ hair oil works for me:
  • Light weight and non sticky texture
  • Works well on my dry hair making them shiny , smooth and soft
  • Does not weigh my hair down after wash
  • Deep conditions my scalp without use of chemicals
  • Nourished my hair and my split ends have decreased
  • Fresh light scent which lingers even after bath
  • Helps better growth of hair
  • Easily available 
  • Very affordable
Verdict: Well Vatika Coconut ++ Hair Oil has definitely worked for my dry and dull hair making it shinier and smooth . If the humidity is wreaking havoc on your hair try Vatika coconut hair oil . I especially recommend it to you if you are taking head baths everyday.
Taking selfies now is more fun as my hair is back to its old glory. Infact my hair looks so good  I am actually tempted to flip my hair in front of a table fan and feel the win in my hair ;)

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