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7 ways to Make your Propose Day memorable

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The Propose day is celebrated on the second day of the valentine week i.e on 8th of February every year but you dont need a particular day or season to celebrate and express love, do you? You can propose any day anytime but you have to make sure the proposal is creative or innovative to make it memorable and special.

In India we dont really celebrate 'Propose Day ' as such but western trends are soon catching in and the whole valentine week is being celebrated by youngsters today. Even for marriages the boy going on knees with a ring to propose the girl did not happen much in the past in our country but now almost all couples have pop in a special proposal somewhere between their official engagement and marriage . If You are thinking of proposing to your girl then here are 10 unique ways to make it memorable and fun

1. Arrange a Flash Mob : Get all your friends and cousins together and have a flash mob and pop the question amidst the madness
2. Chocolaty proposal: Chocolates always make for fabulous propose day gifts. If your girl loves chocolates then it is an added bonus, gift her a box of chocolates . Put stickers on all chocolates and scribble witty and mushy quotes on them and the ring in the box
3. Propose on a hot Air balloon : If you can arrange for this or just take your girl on a holiday near a hot air balloon and propose to her when you are in the middle of air
4. Express with the power of Flowers: Nothing spells romance quiet like flowers do.  Gift her a bouquet of her favorite flowers but make sure this has special meaning to it . Let the bouquet reflect the number of days or months you have been together or it should be symbolic of something special you share or have done in the past like a moon shaped bouquet reminding of your moon lit first date. You can also go in for a flower which blooms in sunlight, just get your girl somewhere sunny and hide the ring in the flower and wait while the flower blooms to surprise her 

5. A surprise romantic beach date : Take her on a surprise date to beaches of goa. Deep into the night pamper her with chocolates, flower shower, yummy cake and her favorite food . Spend the night away feet dipped in sand while you hold each others hands and spend quality time. Time your proposal with sunrise and cool breeze . Can she say no now?
6. Propose with a jigsaw puzzle : Try this one only if she likes puzzles. Get a customized puzzle or a photo jig saw puzzle which features a boy proposing a girl and ask your girl to put it together . Just hide the part which has the boys hand and when she reaches the end give her the last missing piece and also dazzle her with a ring!
7. Skywrite your question: Get a skywriter to spell out your proposal while the sun sets . You can even use glow in dark stickers to write your proposal on her room ceiling and watch her say a surprised yes. 

Accompany your proposal with gifts to make it more special and romantic . Take inspiration for gift ideas from here

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