Asus ZenPower Credit Card Sized Power Bank Review

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Last 2 months i.e September and October have been very brutal for Bangalore in terms of Electricity. The city was subjected to 4 hours of  power cuts everyday all thanks to the low monsoons in the state and hydel power plant water deficit but thankfully this month the situation has normalized (#chennairains effect) 

I am one of those persons who always forgets to plug the phone for overnight charge and when i wake up in the morning my phone is beeping under the pillow with low battery notifications . 14% battery remaining, sometimes I am left with just 4 % juice and when I Plug in the charger and BAM! No power. Frustrating!
Solution ? Power Bank

I use my phone for heavy duty battery consuming stuff like tweeting, instagramming, GPS (for booking cabs and using other app services like peppertap and  foodpanda) while wifi or my mobile net runs on the background resulting in supefrast battery consumption and I am left with little charge so owning a power bank was kind of given for me and i finally embraced this new gadget accessory in the form of  Asus ZenPower which serves my need pretty well and has enough juice to power my phone for 2 full charges .

My experience:
I am loving my Asus Zenpower a lot these days even though there arent much power cuts and I prefer charging my phone with power bank rather than using the charging point simply because the charging points are far away from comfort of my bed . I love the luxurious glossy look and was very impressed with how fast it charges my phone. Also my silver powerbank does not heat up while it charges which is an Epic win. The only problem i think is with the usb cable provided which is too small and a slightly bigger one could be a better option, although having a small cable means no tangling issues in my handbag. 
The power bank is marketed as a credit card sized power bank and I actually brought out my debit card to see if the claim is true. The claim is almost true (see photo below) but ofcourse the power bank isnt as light as the card  . I can charge moto G two full times with this power power bank and there is still still a little power left in it which means it gives me around 2.5 charges which is very good as far as I am concerned.

Size Comparision of ZenPower with my credit card and payback card

Why Asus Zen Power?

  • Stylish, sleek, a power packed with a battery capacity of 10050 mAh
  • Almost Credit card sized
  • Lightweight and fits in most of my clutches too
  • Has a metallic smooth finish with aluminum outer casing
  • Priced right at around 1500
  • Charges fast as it has 2.4 A power output
  • Does not heat up while it charges phone in my hand bag
  • Easily Available (on Flipkart)

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: I totally recommend this product to all of you looking for a premium power bank which does its job on a budget

Have you used this Powerbank? How has your experience been?

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  1. Oye! That's my phone! :D Haha.. I loved this power bank. It's too cute.

  2. Good Write-up....

    Power Banks have become a necessity for heavy mobile users....


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