Sugar free Seviyan with Strawberry Syrup - Recipe

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In my home town Uttar Pradesh Eid is never complete without seviyan and even in Bangalore my mom keeps the tradition alive by cooking at least a little bit of seviyan on both Eids (Eid-Ul zuha and Eid-ul- adha) along with other dessert delicacies like gajar ka halwa, phirni and gulab jamun.
When Sugarfree Natura wanted us to recreate a favorite dessert recipe I decided to recreate seviyan kheer because I wanted to see how this delicacy tastes when sugar is substituted with sugar free natura and also because making seviyan is super simple ;) .

There are two kinds of vermicelli available the thin and thick ones and these may come roasted or un roasted. Payasam in South India is cooked with the thicker vermicelli but my mom always uses the long thin roasted vermicelli to make seviyan and I decided to the mom route and used the thin version in this recipe. This vermicelli is then slow cooked in toned milk and garnished with roasted cashew nuts and almonds. My mom also adds cardamom powder and saffron to the recipe but I skipped saffron and added sugar free strawberry syrup because I like a bit of pink splash in my seviyan . I also skip raisins and pistas because I dont like the cooked taste of these dry fruits. I am going to share recipe for strawberry sugarfree syrup also in this post with which you can garnish this seviyan .

Seviyan garnished with strawberry syrup Recipe:
1 cup thin roasted seviyan (vermicelli)
2 litre toned milk
1 tablespoon sugarfree natura
10 almonds
10 cashews
A pinch of cardamom powder
1 Tablespoon of sugarfree strawberry syrup (recipe below)

  1. Use a thick bottomed vessel and bring milk to boil. When it starts boiling add seviyan to it and let it boil on low flame, keep stirring it. 
  2. In about 5-8 minutes vermicelli will be cooked and become soft , the milk also will thicken now add  sugar free natura and cardamom powder to it and cook for another 2 minutes
  3. Roast almonds and cashews in microwave then add it to seviyan and turn off the flame.
  4. When serving in a bowl add seviyan and  liberally drizzle strawberry syrup over the seviyan.

Recipe for sugar free Strawberry syrup :
1 cup sliced fresh strawberry
2 tablespoons sugarfree natura
2 tablespoons water
1. Add all ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil over medium flame
2. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
3. Now put this mixture in a blender and blend for 30 seconds for smooth paste.

  • You can roast the almonds and cashews in ghee if you dont mind the extra calories.
  • If you are serving Serving seviyan with strawberry syrup it is best served chilled.
  • Keep stirring the Seviyan when boiling with milk or it may get burnt
  • You can refrigerate the strawberry syrup for up to a week and use it over, milkshakes, biscuits, or ice creams.
Would you try this seviyan recipe with a sugarfree starwberry twist? Do share the results if you do .

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