Currently Loving: Nivea Lip balms

9:35 PM

Flavour, Flavour which flavour do you choose???

In winters my dry and chapped lips demand extra protection which I get from baby lips and nivea lip butter but in summers I turn to nivea fruity shine lip balms. The fruity shine lip balms are my absolute favorite summer lip balms which moisturize decently and add a bit of colour also . I am currently loving these four flavours in cherry, peach, soft rose and pink guava. 

I have used 2 more of these in pomegranate and strawberry but these four are my current crushes and having four of these in my stash means I dont get bored as i get to change flavors every time I apply. Apart from having different tints and keeping my lips hydrated and supple these lip balms also have very different fragrances which i totally love.

Cherry: Gives my lips a berry red sheer tint while smell of cherries linger on. If you want a tinted lip balm this could be made for you(pomogranate from this range is a bit more tinted than this)

Peach: Looks so much like a coral lip balm in the tube but none of it shows up on lips, almost like a clear lip balm with a delicious peachy smell.  Iam loving coral lip colours these days and this lip balm is also a favourite with me though it gives just a faint hint of orange to my lips. Want a hatke flavoured lip balm? Try this.

Soft Rose: Not from fruity shine range this lip balm gives a barely there baby pink sheen to my lips. If i swipe it 3 times on my pigmented lips it comes across looking frosty pink . this is more moisturizing than fruity shine balms but the tint is barely there. If you want more moisture than try this but dont layer it too much.

Pink Guava: My favourite of the four, I love how pigmented this is and also its fresh gauva like smell. This is almost over, i need to repurchase soon.

Which lip balm is your current favourite? 

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  1. Lip balm is a must have for me ...I love nivea products. Currently my favourite lipbalm is rituals it's a German brand and i love it :)

  2. I regularly use cherry and peach, and I love the flavour. Plus the nude look that peach gives.

  3. colors are very attractive. Good review. thanks for sharing

  4. Pink guava and Pomegranate are my favorites :) Next buy will be soft rose :)

  5. Nice Review Zooni :). Lip balms are must


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