Life is brighter and better with coffee

6:25 PM

We come across people advising each other to go 'get a life' but have you come across a situation where life got you?

It was a calm breezy winter day and everything was going well until I rushed to my kitchen to make myself some coffee before heading to work. Only when it was time to add the coffee to the boiling milk did I realize that I was out of coffee powder. The pickup car from work would be here any moment and
I hardly had time to run to a store and stock up on coffee.

I am a coffee lover in and out and coffee to me is much more than just a caffeine induced drink.
I am from that category of people whose day starts with coffee, stays with coffee and ends with it. In short coffee is my cup of tea!

Just when I was deciding what to do, there was a honk, signalling the arrival of my office car.
I sighed turning off the stove and dragging myself towards the door.

Office was hell. I am not superstitious but I couldn't help but entertain the thought that things were all going wrong today because I didn't start my day with coffee. Finally when it was time for lunch, I was famished. The assignments had to be submitted the same day so there was no way that I could count lunch hour as leisure hour. I wanted to get over with this insanity at the earliest and head back to the cozy comfort of my bed and sleep it out. I hated my job, the sole reason for this was the fact that I couldn't put my heart in it. It was very demanding and the only thing which made me hold on to it was the pay. No, even the pay wasn't that good, but it payed my bills and incredulous shopping habits.

A part of me was ashamed of this. From a very young age, I had vowed to work for my passion and just that but then as they say life happened. This job made me feel caged, it was not my definition of freedom or the slightest of passion at all.

A disheveled me was struck with a sudden idea in the middle of my assignment - The Office's coffee machine. Yes. The coffee maker at this office was going to be my answer to stress. I hurried to the first floor (where the machine was) and was already grinning at the thought of hot coffee. The 'out of order' board plastered on it made me curse badly, I wanted to cry.
Just when I was going to break down, my phone rang... I answered it and the sweet voice that boomed from the other side was like music to my ears. It was my Mom. She was calling to inquire about the spare key of our flat. She had been to my cousin sister's place, out of town and she was back.

Just talking to her eased me out and by the time the working hours were done, I was halfway back to my normal self. The other half of me STILL wanted coffee.

Mom comes before coffee, so instead of heading to a cafe to sip on a quick Cuppa, I headed straight home. When I entered my house, a heavenly smell tickled my nose and my world just stopped.
Yes. It was the aroma of freshly brewing coffee... but what put me in a daze was the fact that this was strongest of scents I had ever smelt in my life.
The scent was fresh, like someone had just harvested the coffee seeds and decided to brew them up. It was so overpowering and soothing that by the time I reached the source of it, I was weak kneed.

My Mom had just finished pouring the sinful looking brown liquid into two large cups. I gave her quick hug and greedily took one cup from her.

Every sip was coated in pure Bliss.
"Mom you are a magician! This tastes SO good. What's the secret behind it? How many ages did it take for you to make this?!" I asked her, to which she just laughed.
"No Beta. It hardly took me a few minutes to make this. This the new Tata Coffee Grand. I picked it up from a store while heading here from the Airport."

Wow. I mentally made a note to buy myself a big fat jar of this TATA Coffee Grand the next time I visit a store. Or better still order it from a grocery delivering app!

This coffee elevated my mood, refreshed me and built a sense of confidence inside me. Stress where was stress?
Placing the empty cup on the table, I picked up a pen and paper and started writing my resignation letter.
There was a smile on my face and I knew that things were going to be lot more different from now.

Life got me and now I am a full time blogger because blogging is what i enjoy, it is my true passion.

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  1. Great Post. Coffee is definitely my mood elevator & keeps me refreshed..

  2. Coffee is always a booster! Great post.

  3. Lovely post! Maybe we could follow each other on GFC and instagram @djonovic_milica? If yes, follow me and I follow back as soon as I see it.
    Let me know with a comment on my Blog


  4. I totally agree with you. I am a tea addict and it make or breaks my day :P

  5. i love great coffee and even more if it is filter coffee :) I am planning to get a fat jar of this since i watched the ad on tv :D

  6. I am also crazy about coffee.. Great article.

  7. Great Article. I have to work for a long time in Office and Coffee is my only Booster. Love it

  8. what a coincidence !!!!today i was feeling little tired and i took a cup of coffee to boot myself.

  9. I need coffee first thing in the morning. it refresh me.

  10. Life definitely is better with coffee. :)


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